Saturday, March 1

Hungry Ninja, Iloilo City

I came across a fastfood inside Robinsons-Iloilo that attracted me most because of their comic-strip concept with illustration and story of a ninja who visited and explored several places just to perfect some Asian cuisine or recipes. My attention was really caught by Hungry Ninja because of their interior that convinced me to get inside and give it a try.

The place is absolutely attractive and you will feel like a kid again because you can go through the story of the ninja through the comic strip posted on the wall. Well, you can do it while waiting for your order to be served.

The great news is their food is really affordable and everyone will agree especially the students and those who really want to save when it comes to food. Take a look at their menu.

Looking at their menu made me so excited to order. It took me how many minutes to decide on what to eat but my palate was asking for noodles or hot soup. However, I couldn't help but order another meal aside from what my hungry stomach was asking. Here's what the fat ninja ordered:

Wanton Soup - Php48.00
The broth was really good as well as the noodles but I don't like the wanton or dumplings in it. It was so starchy and I think it wasn't fresh.

Ninja Chicken Sweet Chili with Rice - Php35.00 for 2 pcs.
This is a sure win for me though the chicken size is small but it's just worth it for the price of the meal. However, you can always buy the 4-pcs or 12-pcs set if you want more plus you get to choose four different variants for the chicken. They really put value for your money. I love it!

Red Iced Tea - Php25.00 (L) Php20.00 (M)
Just like any red iced tea from a pack that you can buy from any grocery store but it's fair enough for its price.

If you are looking for something to eat for your tight budget, come and visit Hungry Ninja and see the value of your money.

Hungry Ninja
Ledesma St., Iloilo City

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