Saturday, October 18

Chapters - A Book Café, Dipolog City Boulevard

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." That is one of the best quotes from the book, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry which happens to be the concept of a newly-opened coffee shop located at Dipolog City Boulevard. Chapters - A Book Cafe is the first of its kind in the orchid city of Dipolog.

The place is highly noticeable because of its colorful facade but don't get intimidated to get inside because it is a place for everyone especially those who love to read books. Yes, this is a place full of books and take note, wifi is intentionally not one of their services being offered like most of the coffee shops do. According to their staff, the owner wants to encourage everyone to read books because looking at the world today, everyone is dependent with technology even the kids are already hooked with those high-tech gadgets and they no longer read books.

The interior is really amazing. It is well-planned and brilliantly-designed. It has paintings and quotes on the walls and tables derived from the favorite book of the owner, The Little Prince. One of the unique features inside is their ceiling wherein books are drilled to make that ambiance more inviting.

Also, you will notice their cute furnitures in a form of cups that made it more unique.

My visit is not complete without checking the menu of this coffee shop. I was expecting something unique on the list especially for the food but I was surprised when the staff showed me this...

But it didn't stopped me in asking for what else can they offer. Then the staff offered me some delectable desserts but those desserts are not really made by the owner. The owner has friends who bake cupcakes and will deliver their pastries to be sold in this shop but for the drinks and other beverages, it is a signature and uniquely made in the shop. So, here's what I ordered...

The Apple Cinnamon with Butter Cream Frosting is a personal favorite. The cupcake itself is soft and friendly to the palate.

The Mango Cheese with Butter Cream Frosting is not really a game changer. It's so sweet for me but it has real mangoes in the middle.

Praises to the Chocolate Strawberry in a Jar. This is simply a joy inside a jar because of its luscious chocolate cake mixed with strawberry frosting and cream. I want more! 

The Lemon Muringa is also a favorite. Aside from its colorful presentation, it tastes so good that you can really taste the lemon and malunggay flavor and this is also mixed with nata de coco. So healthy.

Thumbs up to the owner of this cafe of coming up with something like this in the heart of Dipolog City. This is one of the ways to change the perception of the people in Dipolog City about coffee shops. Not all coffee shops are expensive and intimidating. I promise to visit this place when I go home soon.Try to visit this place and see for yourself. Also, you can  check them out through the following social media sites...

Chapters - A Book Café
Dipolog City Boulevard


  1. I love the concept! The hanging books, the no wifi policy, and the colorful interiors! :)

  2. I want to own something like this! I love books. Haha

    1. Let's put up a business like this with Bren hehehe