Wednesday, November 20

Tonino's Resto and Wine Bar, D' Hotel and Suites, Dipolog City

It was my Mama's birthday and Papa got a very good plan for the family. We celebrated at D' Hotel + Suites, a newly opened hotel in the heart of the Orchid City. This is the first hotel that I can be proud of as a Dipolognon. It is decent, clean and the staff is really accommodating and friendly.

Tonino's is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant that offers international cuisine located at the ground floor of the hotel itself. It caters to all customers and the venue is never intimidating. The ambiance is really homey and the music is soothing to the ears. This is a good venue if you want to dine in a decent place with good food and atmosphere.

Upon entering, on the left side you can find D' Cellar. This is where the different wines are displayed.

They also have a cheese station for those who love different kinds of cheeses.

Let's take a look at what we gobbled up that evening...

Fresh Pineapple Juice - Php60.00 ; Fresh Watermelon Juice - Php65.00 ; Fresh Ripe Mango Juice - Php60.00
Lemon Iced Tea - Php65.00 ; Calamansi Iced Tea - Php65.00
The beverages are really good. These are made from fresh fruit juices that quenches your thirst. Perfect! 

Sizzling Squid - Php85.00/100 grams

I love this dish. The squid is so tender and grilled to perfection plus the sauce is something that we can't forget that evening. It is made of lemon with curry and spices that leaves our mouth watering.

Burger Steak - Php139.00
This is not the same with the usual burger steaks that we can find in some fastfood chains. The meat is so tender and juicy plus the gravy was really yummy!

Lechon Kawali - Php195.00
This is one of the best lechon kawali that I've tasted in my whole life so far. The meat is so tender and there isn't much fat on it. It is really fried perfectly.

Special Pancit Guisado - Php185.00
This is special because of the sauce that they are using. It tickles the taste buds and the serving is really generous. We did not even consumed everything.

Sizzling Sisig - Php140.00
I can say that this is also one of the best sisig in town. The spiciness is just perfect for the dish plus it is good for 2-3 persons. Not bad after all.

Yangchow Fried Rice - Php140.00
Honestly, we ordered two platters of this because we were thinking that one platter was not enough for us but in the end, we were wrong. Per platter is good for 2-3 folks with an average appetite. This is good and it is seriously heavy in the stomach.

I would like to highlight what I personally ordered and this is the star of the night. It is the U.S. Angus Steak that is All-You-Can-Eat for Php699.00. I know it is a bit expensive but Papa would really want me to try it. He tried it before and he wanted to know my opinion about it.

I asked for a medium rare steak and the taste is really really good. The meat is tender and juicy and you can really taste its smoky and savory flavor. The serving includes vegetables, prawn bisque soup, rice and freshly baked ciabattini.

U.S. Angus Steak (All-You-Can-Eat) - Php699.00
Prawn Bisque Soup
Freshly Baked Ciabattini
Of course, my meal will not be complete without a glass of red wine...

Cabernet Sauvignon - Php95.00/glass
While we were enjoying our meal, the waiters and waitresses got a surprise for Mama. They gave her a cupcake with candle that surprised her so much because she doesn't have any idea that I talked to one of the waiters while they were busy with their orders that it's her birthday.

Before we ended our sumptuous dinner, we tried some of their desserts. We were even planning to try everything but I guess our stomachs could not take it anymore.

Knickerbocker - Php95.00
This is simply irresistible. It is like a fruit salad and strawberry ice cream combo. It is really a sweet temptation.

Warm Brownie Cup ala Mode - Php95.00
This is impressive too. The serving is way generous plus the vanilla ice cream was so yummy not to mention the perfect, warm brownie at the bottom of it. This is good for 2 persons already. Thumbs up!

Black Sambo - Php60.00
What I love about this dessert is the dark chocolate at the bottom that lets me crave for more. It's a different and unique dessert!

Before we left, we took a photo as an evidence of how we consumed everything smoothly. LoL! Anyway, thank you so much Pa for the treat and I'm sure Mama was so happy that night as well as our tummies.

Our experience at Tonino's Resto and Wine Bar was extraordinary. From the staff and crew, the ambiance and the food, it was superb and excellent. We weren't wrong in trying out this place. This is something that I will visit everytime that I will be in Dipolog City. This is a must-try establishment and they deserve a two thumbs up!

Have you been here lately? Share your thoughts.

Tonino's Resto and Wine Bar
D' Hotel + Suites
Rizal Ave. cor OsmeƱa Street,
Dipolog City
(065)212-1256 / +63-917-326-2485


  1. WOW! Everything's sooo yummy especially the Angus steak!! Happy birthday to your mother Fred! :D

    1. You're right, Rea! Everything was really delicious. Come and visit Dipolog City again and try Tonino's Resto at D'Hotel + Suites.

      Thanks for the birthday greeting. :-)

  2. Belated happy birthday to your mother!

    PS I'm a loser. I have never been to Dipolog.

    1. Thanks for the birthday greeting, Mustachio.

      C'mon, no one is a loser. You can still plan to visit Dipolog City. Tell me when do you want to visit the place and I will check my calendar so that I can accompany you and be your tour guide. :-)

  3. Hi Fred! May I ask if how much will it cost to have 22 people invited at my birthday and will be held on tonino's? Hope you can help me! :)