Monday, August 12

Da Vinci's Pizza's Lunch Specials

It's fun to get together with your close friends and have something good to eat. That is what human life is all about...enjoying things.

After a long day of pampering ourselves with manicure, pedicure and haircut plus a quick shopping, Jandy and I were really tired and as usual, hungry. We can't afford to go to the malls anymore to eat lunch because the heat of the sun was really painful and we don't have much time. We decided to check Da Vinci's Pizza in Jones Ave. to see what can they offer for lunch. We want something delicious, reasonably-priced and a fast service since we were so famished. It was almost 1:00pm when I checked the time.

When we get inside, the crew immediately greeted us with a smile. At first, we were planning to order just an ordinary pizza but I noticed something new on the menu. They already offer Lunch Specials starting at Php98.00 and that includes one glass of Iced Tea or Lemonade. Instead of ordering pizza, we decided to go for this and it was impressive because they were able to serve the food in 5 minutes. Well, maybe because there were just a couple of folks eating that time. Take a look at what we had:

Chicken 'n Pizza (fried chicken, 2 slices of Hawaiian pizza and potatoes plus lemonade) - Php108.00

Chicken 'n Pasta (fried chicken, spaghetti and potatoes plus iced tea) - Php118.00

Definitely, I will include this in my list of favorites. The chicken was fried to perfection and it has its distinct flavor that sets Da Vinci apart from the rest. The pizza is thin-crust which is perfectly paired with the chicken. The potatoes were excellent because it was fried with their secret herbs and were thinly sliced, perfect as an appetizer. 

Overall, the meal is affordable, delicious and the service is really impressive. This is better compared to Shakey's Bunch of Lunch if you've tried it.

Take a look at a satisfied customer's face...
my friend, Jandy who was able to fix herself and pose even if she was so hungry that time. LoL!  

Why don't you go and try Da Vinci's Pizza's Lunch Specials and tell me what your thoughts are.

 Da Vinci's Pizza

399 Jones Ave., 
Cebu City
(032) 253-3893


  1. Yes, I have tried their lunch special sometime back and I agree that it's a better deal than Shakey's bunch of lunch; however, I don't like their potatoes. I still prefer Shakey's mojos! Nothing compares jud. Hihi! :D

    1. I agree Shee but I was amazed by DV's potatoes coz it's thinly sliced and it has a unique flavor but still I am a lover of mojos and that's what I am planning to eat for lunch later. :)

  2. At first I thought you've written about this before! Haha. Shakey's diay to. Ako sad, I like mojos. Char! But kung masaag mi sa DV kay I will try this.. Hehehe

    1. I haven't posted anything about Shakey's, Rei. I guess you are talking about Pizza Hut. LoL! Confusing na kay pareha lang ang and pasta! LoL!