Friday, November 29

Hoy Lugaw, Dumaguete City

I was so excited to visit my family in the province again even if I already went home last September when we had our 4D Adventure. This time, I was traveling alone and I took the ferry via Dumaguete City. It was a 12-hour trip going home. Imagine how tiring it was.

When the ferry reached the City of Gentle People, Dumaguete City at 4:45am, I immediately went out to look for a decent breakfast because I was so hungry and I can't find any better meal inside the ferry. It was still dark but I know that the place is safe. I decided to take a walk along the boulevard and there was one establishment that caught my attention because of its funny and weird business name.

Hoy Lugaw offers a wide variety of noodles, congee and mami meals. That's why I got curious of what is the bestseller in the house but unfortunately, when I reached the place, the cashier and waitress did not exceed my expectation of a better customer service because they were so sleepy and they were just waiting for me to ask them, they did not even welcomed me.

Aside from the name that caught my attention, I was also amazed with the uniqueness of their chairs that are made of pots. It was really customized and the ambiance is really for relax and simple.

Don't worry about getting stained, it's just a trick that it's dirty and these are huge pots that we always use when cooking during our barrio fiestas.

However, if you want to just stay indoor, you can also use the couches inside but you will not enjoy the beautiful scenery outside.

Because I was alone and the weather was really cold. I ordered just a single serving of their Batchoy with egg.

Batchoy with Egg - Php53.00

The serving was good enough for me but I wasn't impressed with the texture of the noodles. It was hard and it wasn't good just like what we always expect a pasta or noodle should dente. There wasn't even a single meat cube plus the pork rind was so little like it was a couple of pinches only.

This isn't a wow experience for me as a first-timer. Well, maybe on my next visit I should try their other meals as well as their congee hoping that it would change my perception about this known fastfood in Dumaguete City.

How about you? Have you tried eating out here? Let me hear your thoughts too.

Hoy Lugaw

Rizal Avenue,
Dumaguete City


  1. The first time I saw Hoy Lugaw, it was still a small ...stall. Hmm not really a stall, but definitely not the place I see in your photos. And what caught my attention? The pot-stools.

    1. Was it also in Dumaguete? The pot stools are really amazing. Nice idea. =)

  2. Oh my! Oh my! I love the pot stools, too.
    Cool idea. ^_^

    Laagholic Buyog