Wednesday, August 21

Off to our 4D Adventure!

Woohoo! The long wait is over. This is to inform the entire blogosphere that I will be away for how many days to take a rest, unwind, relax, or whatever you call it. Away from the very busy and polluted city. It's not a grand vacation though but I am certain that it will be a fun-filled experience since I will be with some of my colleagues. We will explore four different places in four days according to Ivan that starts with letter D that's why we call it the 4D Adventure (Dumaguete-Dipolog-Dapitan-Dakak). We're hoping that we can take a good rest, read good books, listen to soothing music while having ourselves bathe in pleasure under the heat of the sun and of course party party in the evening. Certainly, I will be exploring the food as well and will definitely blog about it. I'll try if I can post something after each food trip that we will have.

Photo credits to Google

Flipflops, shades, surf shorts, tank tops, swimming trunks and sunblock lotion are all set. All my bags are packed and I am ready to go. I am hoping that the weather will cooperate while we take the ship going to our destination. So long and I'll see you soon. XoXo!


  1. Praying for good weather so you all will enjoy.... xx

  2. looking forward to this travel post, Fred :) have fun!

  3. I was wondering what the other D was when you mentioned it sa imo comment sa blog... Dumaguete diay :-) Hope you had a good trip!