Monday, September 16

Patio Isabel, Old Banilad Road, Cebu City

I was invited to a birthday celebration that was held in Patio Isabel somewhere in the Old Banilad Road. Banilad is known to have a lot of dining places, fastfood chains and restaurants that I haven't explored yet. I was so excited because it was my first time to visit the place. My expectations were really high after knowing that this is a Filipino restaurant offering old Filipino specialties. That adjective "old" made my expectations soar really high because I was looking forward to eating a lot of Filipino dishes that I haven't tasted and tried in my entire life.

When we get there, I was impressed by the facade of the restaurant because it looks like an old-Filipino house by just looking at the designs of their windows, curtains and the door.

When we get inside, the more I was amazed by the furnitures and fixtures because it is just like I'm at home. The ambiance was really nice and never intimidating. From the framed old paintings down to the well-crafted tables and chairs that are made of wood and beautifully polished, everything was homey.

When it was time for us to eat, I noticed the buffet table was perfectly designed and arranged especially the decoration in the middle which was some kind of a fountain without water. I'm sorry for the lack of better terms.

While my friends were busy choosing and picking what they wanted to eat, I was also busy observing their food if it really exceeds my expectations. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with everything. What they had on the table was purely Filipino food that are served everyday in some carenderias and even at home. Eventhough they didn't surpassed my expectations on the food prepared, I managed to convince myself to try it to see the difference. I was hoping that there would be a difference in taste. Let's start talking about their food that I've tried...

The kare-kare pata was not really a game-changer. I thought the meat was tender and it tastes good even with the string beans and eggplant plus the bagoong. However, I was wrong. The meat itself was odd, I haven't eaten a decent meat from this specialty, it was all pork skin. I didn't get to finished the portion I got because it didn't impressed my taste buds.

The sisig was a so-so dish. Same old sisig made with pig's head and liver seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. I did not dwell too much on this because I was trying to avoid my hypertension.

Their mixed vegetables was so ordinary without even the taste of butter. It was just cooked like what we have back in our province. My mom's mixed vegetables tastes even better than theirs. 'Nuff said.

They say, Patio Isabel's crispy crablets is one of their specialties but for me, it was so dry. It didn't taste really good. I was even excited to get a lot of this. Good thing because the sauce that was made of vinegar with ginger, garlic and chili enhances the flavor of the crablets. In fairness, the crablets' texture was friendly to the mouth. It was crunchy and easy to chew.

When I checked the desserts table, I was already thinking of native delicacies and I was right. They served biko and maja blanca and as always, it tasted ordinary. Nothing special though.

My attentions was caught by another table near the entrance. It was the halo-halo table wherein you get to make your own iced dessert. On the table where choices of boiled sweet beans and friuits as well as shaved ice and evaporated milk. I enjoyed looking at the kids amking their own halo-halo so I decided to make one for myself to compensate my dining experience and so I've comed up with my own version of banana con yelo and my gulaman at sago version.

Overall, the experience was not memorable. I wasn't impressed with the food itself especially after knowing that it was P185.00 per head for that ordinary All-You-Can-Eat experience but it was fun. Thanks to Anna by the way for the treat.

You might want to try it out and see for yourself. It might be different when you go there and please let me know your thoughts.

Patio Isabel
J. Panis Street, Banilad
Cebu City
(032) 231-9510


  1. I enjoyed the green mango with bagoong! Haha and that was it!

  2. I would disagree on some things because my family always dine in patio isabel and I have discovered that they have different sets of menu per day. maybe the day you went there was not the menu of your preference but I think you should try going back and call them before you do and ask for the day's menu, that's what we do every time we go there. what I don't enjoy there are their desserts coz I am not really a fan of filipino desserts so sometines I would just go straight to the halo halo station but they do serve some mini cupcakes sometimes. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip, Issa! Also, thanks for dropping by.

    2. very helpful tips Issa, thanks.

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