Friday, September 27

Minute Burger's Big Time Sandwiches

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for something that is of great value, fast service and tummy-friendly, you might want to check Minute Burger's Big Time Sandwiches.

You might think that Minute Burger is just like a typical burger junction that sells cheap burgers and sandwiches but have you tried their big time burgers? These are not just ordinary burgers with thin patties and drowned with catsup and/or mayonnaise dressing. Wait until you get to taste two of their best-sellers.

Minute Burger is known for its Buy-One-Take-One burgers. I've seen a lot of tarpaulins and advertisements sprouting in every Minute Burger stand dotted in the key areas of Cebu City about these big time sandwiches and got curious about it until a colleague convinced us to give it a try.

I always believe that there's no harm in trying, that is why we gave it a shot. Talking about the value of your money, the banner speaks for itself. It is so affordable!

To know the difference between the two variants, we ordered both - Black Pepper Burger and Bacon Cheese Burger.

The Black Pepper Burger has a bigger than the usual beef patty, dripping with their special black pepper sauce with caramelized onions and mushrooms on their signature bun. It's a personal favorite. While the Bacon Mushroom Burger has a juicy beef patty served on a bed of fresh coleslaw with special bacon cheese sauce and topped with real slices of bacon on an oatmeal-topped, pan-toasted bun . It's delicious but not something to die for. These are worth the price and I would recommend these especially if you are on a tight budget or in a hurry.

Also, I was impressed with their packaging. It was not wrapped individually in a plastic bag instead, it was placed on a take-out box with a great design.

It's time to go big time. If you haven't tried these burgers yet, visit any Minute Burger junction and let me hear your thoughts.

Until our next food adventure! XoXo

Minute Burger


  1. Great post Fred! Makes me wanna grab one now. Maybe I will.. teehee..

  2. yum yum yum. this is better than army navy! hehehe lol

    REAlity Bites

  3. hala! i like the packaging too. makes it more enticing to buyers. might as well try this pag kita ko ug minute burger na branch duol sa amo. the bacon cheeseburger looks tempting!

  4. the burger is good. i did eat 2 black pepper and 2 bacon cheese in 3 mins for a challenge..

  5. Halal po ba ang beef patty ng minute burger?