Sunday, March 23

J.Co Donuts' J.Club Cheesy Rich Donut Sandwich

I guess everyone is familiar with J. Co Donuts. It came from Indonesia and has been in the Philippine market just recently and we know they offer great and delicious gourmet donuts.

When I was in Makati City, because I was alone and bored, I headed to the nearest J. Co Donut branch to grab something sweet to munch on.

J. Co Donuts offers not only a wide variety of delicious donuts, coffee, yogurts and frappes but I was amazed to find out that they also have donut sandwiches. 

Presenting... (drum rolls please) the J. Club Cheesy Rich Donut Sandwich!

It is a donut divided into two and filled with a slice of cheese and cream inside and topped with grated cheese. Take a closer look at the photo below to see what am I talking about.

It reminds me of an ensaymada but this is sinfully cheesier and creamier.

It is best paired with any of their unique coffee blends but I had the Iced Chocolate at that time.

This is one experience that I could not forget with J. Co Donuts. Have you tried this already? Share your experience with me.

J. Co Donuts
J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Indonesia 


  1. In fairness, I haven't tried JCO yet! Hehe.. Missing you Fred! :D

    1. Hi Rea, I've heard J.Co will soon open its branch here in Cebu City. Let's catch up soon. I miss you more.

  2. ow yeah! I had one yesterday and ow yeah! (paulit ulit?), its was a really really sinfully cheesy treat. Great texture, great tasting cheese, the cream which I think is also made of cheese, bsta its cheese allover their premium bun or doughnut hehe.
    just eat it one or twice a week i u dont wanna pile up the cals in ur butt.