Wednesday, March 19

Wara Wara, Bacolod City

I was so excited when my manager told us that we'll have an all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet team dinner knowing that Bacolod City as the food capital in West Visayas has a lot to offer especially if you are into food spotting.

We went straight to Wara Wara at the Central Citywalk, right at the back of Robinsons Place-Bacolod City.

It is a Japanese restaurant that offers all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu, yakiniku and fresh salad for Php380.00 per head every Monday-Thursday and it's Php480.00 every Friday-Saturday. The rate every weekend is more expensive because they offer more choices during these days.

As soon as you enter the place, you can already see the table where the marinated fresh meat, sauces and fresh vegetables are displayed.

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Marinated fresh pork, beef and chicken meat

Fresh vegetables and spices

 On the other table, you can find the different sushi and desserts.

Fruit Salad, Macaroni Salad, Buco Pandan and Vegetables

Since this is an all-you-can-eat treat for ourselves, I made sure that I had enough for my share since it's a bit pricey for a dinner. Good thing because I was seriously hungry that time that is why I wasn't able to take some photos as well.

All of their tables are designed accordingly. Some are for shabu-shabu, if you want more of a soup-based viand and meal and some tables are designed with grillers in the middle for yakiniku which means grilled meat.

I had so much fun making or literally grilling my own viand but just a piece of advice, if you're really really hungry, I don't want to recommend this place. Seriously, it will take much of your time grilling the meat and you can't focus on eating so much because from time to time you have to check your meat and wait for it to be cooked...

 ...unless if you want to eat the different sushi and breaded shrimp while waiting just like what I did.

The overall experience was good. The food was great. The ambiance is superb. However, the price is a bit high. I think this is only good once or twice a month unless if you are really craving for Japanese food.

Have you been here? Let me hear your thoughts.

Wara Wara 
Central Citywalk,
right at the back of Robinsons Place-Bacolod
Mandalagan, Bacolod City

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