Saturday, August 17

Sweet Treats from Sweet Shee

I'd like to dedicate this post to a very close friend, colleague and a sister who will face another chapter of her career life. As she moves on to a different level, I am hoping that she'll remain so sweet, thoughtful and generous. Shee of My Dolce Vita, thank you so much for being a great mentor and for being one of my true, treasured friends.

It has been a tradition in the team that whoever leaves the company will treat the entire team. Treat in a way that it is not really expensive, not in a formal dining experience and as long as no one is force to do it.

Shee is always generous not only to me but to the entire team. She is known to be so thoughtful and a total feeler but do not try to mess up with her coz surely, she will never talk to you until you say sorry LoL! Well, these are just few of my observations being close to her for God knows how long already.

Before we ended our shift today, she brought something for the team. I guess, this is one way for her to thank everyone in the team for being part of her journey in the company. Because of what she brought us, it turned out that we had an impromptu Team Meeting Eating. You will surely drool over these sweet treats:

Choco Creamcheese Cupcakes from Karen Bullicer (Thanks, Kar!)

Choco Fudge Cheesecake from Leona's Bakeshop

Assorted Mini Cupcakes from Leona's Bakeshop

This is truly a sugar-rush celebration with the entire team. We don't really say goodbye to Shee but it means we will definitely miss her until we meet again and because she is slowly transitioning herself to be a better chef or cook to her family especially to her son, Seth, we gave her something that she can always rely on if she wants to prepare something:

In the Kitchen with Rosie by Rosie Dale and
Treats Chocolate

To Shee, again, thank you so much for everything. You may be ready to say goodbye to us but I am not ready to say goodbye to you. How lucky I am to have known someone who is so hard to say goodbye to. I will certainly see you again my friend...soon!

Before I am going to end this post, let me share with you a statement that may be meaningless for some but it is so meaningful for me, Shee and another dear friend of ours, Mommy Tere. Everytime we talk about life's ups and downs, we  will just laugh and together we say, "I don't want to get sick, it's just windy."

Take care, Shee! XoXo!


  1. Thank you so much for this sweet post, Fred! :D
    I won't say goodbye, just "see you soon."
    It may not look like it, but today is one of the most difficult days of my life because I'll be going out of my comfort zone, and it's not easy to say goodbye to a great group of not just friends, but colleagues. But there'll be no tears today because this is a happy move, and we should all be happy xx

    1. Thanks for the sweet treats from you Shee! We will definitely miss you, hope you'll enjoy the cook books and hope we get to taste your products too. Hahaha!

      See you soon as I look for greener pastures! Lol

  2. Shee, good luck and enjoy the new chapter in your life :-)

  3. You're as sweet as the cupcakes Fred, you made me cry! :)