Tuesday, August 20

On the streets of Capitol Site, Cebu City

Have you ever tried walking on the streets of Capitol Site on a Sunday morning? This is one of the best things that I'd like to do during the weekend. Aside from checking out several thrift shops, I love to see how peaceful it is especially early in the morning and the weather is gloomy.

Last Sunday, I went out of the house early with a friend to buy some stuff for our upcoming trip and to look for some inexpensive ukay-ukay (relief clothes sold in the market, usually not arranged or placed in hangers). There are several thrift shops or ukay-ukay shops along the main road of Capitol Site that I find affordable and they even offer big discounts.

While we were walking at the main road along Cebu Doctors' Hospital, I noticed that there were people flocking on a stall that I don't know what the vendors were selling. When we slowly approached the group, there was something that I smelled so enticing and lured me to really take a look into it and this is what we found...

These are delicious steamed corn on the cob for sale. They are even selling loose kernel of corns that can be mixed with cheese sauce, cheese powder, butter and you have the option to add condensed milk into it.

Loose Corn Kernels - Php15.00
You can find these every Sunday along Cebu Doctors' Hospital. What's good about it is that it is made from fresh corns and it is certainly clean because even doctors are standing in line to buy and eat this.

Aside form this stall, we also found one right in front of Bo's Coffee that sells sliced pineapple and watermelon. These are freshly sliced fruits that you can eat right away and it is so affordable.

I'm looking forward to visiting these stalls again and I'm hoping that there would be more to discover. Kudos to the vendors for thinking of earning a living in a decent way.


  1. Kudos vendors! Hehehe. I love Zea mays! Sometimes they add condensed milk to it, oha, muling napatunayan ang galing ng Pinoy!

    REAlity Bites

    1. Right Rei and I love it when cheese sauce, cheese powder and condensed milk are mixed together plus the butter...hmmm...yummy! samot gyud ko katambok ani! hahahaha

  2. Waah, sounds sinfully healthy! Haha.
    And helllooooo makoy - i see you! Haha!

  3. Lamia sa mais!!! When I go to Busay, I usually buy a kilo or two of sweet corn. Nom nom nom :D

    1. Mas lami gyud bitaw ang mais sa Busay noh? Ngano kaha? hehehehe

    2. Hahaha kay gipaningkamotan gyud ug adto, mao maslami hahaha pero pareha ra gud na sila. I think gikan ra pud na Busay ang gibaligya dira sa Capitol hahaha :D