Friday, October 11

Cupcakes for everyone! - Employee Appreciation and Customer Service Week

This week has been declared as an Employee Appreciation and Customer Service Week in the office. We make sure that we never miss a great opportunity to appreciate and reward those hardworking employees as well as commit ourselves in serving our customers to their satisfaction and promise to support everyone throughout the year.

The management team come up with a lot of fun, bright and creative ideas on how to express our profound gratitude for the hard work, dedication and the amazing effort that each and everyone has put forth. One of the highlights of this week's celebration is the declaration of the 10th and 11th of October as Cupcakes Day in the office.

Our Pledge
We were so overwhelmed with the colorful cupcakes arranged at the lobby in our floor to be distributed to all employees in our program. Certainly, the cupcakes are delicious since I've already posted something about these before (post here).

The lobby was full of decorations and tables loaded with cupcakes when we get there. We appreciate the effort of the committee headed by one of our Division Managers, Ana and one of the UMs, Ecoi who were so active in planning and making the activity a success. Kudos for the wonderful idea about the cupcakes. This is better than what I've expected, honestly.

DM Ana and UM Ecoi
I can't help myself but to take photos of the cupcakes and I even striked a pose with those delectable desserts on the table coz I felt like I own everything and I am going to consume all of it. How I wish.

The cupcakes have small flags with the employees' names and a message saying, "Thank You. In appreciation of you and all that you do." Sweet, right?

Choco Loco and Twirl Cupcakes
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Cupcakes for everyone...

We also provided everyone a board where they can post their note of gratitude.

I even wrote something for someone on the board and check out who also wrote something for the last class that she's Rea of the REAlity Bites. I'm wondering what she wrote on that pink sheet of paper. Hmmm...

In behalf of the Management Team, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and for continuously providing their best and excellent service not just to our customers but also to our co-workers. Once again...thank you and all the best, White Ninjas!

Have you also celebrated or participated in an Employee Appreciation and Customer Service Week? Let me know how was it.


  1. Angelica's cupcakes! Nom nom nom

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    REAlity Bites

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    1. Oh yeah! It's raining cupcakes in our office. =D

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