Monday, July 1

La Vie Parisienne, Cebu City!

La Vie Parisienne (French pronunciation: ​[la vi paʁizjɛn]) it means the Parisian Life in English. The Queen City of the South is thankful to the Lhuillers for introducing this French Bakery, Deli and Wine Library. Il est unique en son genre (It's one of a kind.)

When I heard about this new establishment, honestly I had hesitations of visiting and giving it a try. For me then, the name was so intimidating and I feel like only the rich and famous can get inside. I did a lot of research and I've read several reviews that it's worth the try to go there and experience something French.

When I started blogging, I included La Vie Parisienne in my bucket list and I really convinced myself to give it a shot especially some of my friends talked about the mouth-watering macarons and the buttery and tasteful croissants. And bonjour ... je suis là. (here I am.)

This French Bakery is situated in 371 Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines right beside the famous French restaurant, La Maison Rose (The Pinkhouse Restaurant).

Il s'agit de la façade. (This is the facade.)
Il s'agit de la signalisation. (This is the signage)
When you get inside this bakery you will see on your left is a big-oven where they bake their croissants while on your right are the baked pastries well-displayed on a table. At first, I was so overwhelmed by these goodies because it smell so good and tempting. The bread dough of these pastries are prepared in France and then baked at La Vie Parisienne.

Profitez de ces pâtisseries alléchantes. (Enjoy these mouth-watering pastries.)
Mini cranberry feuillete
Mini pain choco
le meilleur jamais (the best ever) Croissant
Polka large round - it's a bit pricey for a plate-like shape bread but I'm wondering how this bread tastes like.
Flute breads (choose if you want it with cereals, poppy seeds or sesame)
Right before you reached the cashier, you can see the chiller full of pastries, other goodies and the colorful macarons.

vous régaler avec ces fromages français (feast yourself with these French cheeses)
Confiture Au Chaudron (Jam Pot) - these are preserved fruits or marmalade in mini jars
Quiches and Tortelletes (baked flan or tart with a savory filling thickened with eggs)
Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is just one corner of their wine library. I wasn't able to take more photos because there was a couple enjoying their moment over their glasses of wine and I don't want to disturb them.

I was so excited to order the colorful macarons but just a trivia, the macaron cookie was born in Italy, introduced by the chef of Catherine deMedicis in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d'Orleans who became king of France in 1547 as Henry II. The term "macaron" has the same origin as that the word "macaroni" -- both mean "fine dough". The first macarons were simple cookies, made of almond powder, sugar and egg whites. Only at the beginning of the 20th century did the Macaron become a "double-decker" affair. Pierre Desfontaines, the grandson of Louis Ernest Laduree (Laduree pastry and salon de the, rue Royale in Paris) had the idea to fill them with a "chocolate panache" and to stick them together. Since then, French Macaron cookies have been nationally acclaimed in France and remain the best-selling cookie in pastry retail stores. (Source:

At La Vie Parisienne, they say that these are Laduree macarons from Paris, France which is really amazing if it's true. They have 10 delightful flavors to offer at Php40.00 each:

Raspberry, Lime, Vanilla, Mango and Orange Macarons
Chocolate, Coconut, Fig and Pistachio Macarons
If you want to give your friends, families or loved ones, you can have it on a box and the prices will vary
I want to taste it all but I think it's too much already so my friend and I decided to choose we think the best flavors but of course, from the attendants' recommendations too, we ordered these flavors:

Pistachio, Fig, Raspberry, Lemon, Mango and Lime
So far, I like the lime, pistachio and the fig. My friend doesn't like the mango because according to him, it has a hint of a car freshener. LoL!

ils sont parfaits pour le petit déjeuner (these are perfect for breakfast)
I paired my macarons with one of my favorite fruit juices, Guyabano juice (Soursop) to balance the sweetness of the pastry.

My experience was worth it and definitely I'm going back to this place. If you haven't tried it, go and check out not only the place but also their pastries especially the famous macarons and their croissant.

Essayez et vous verrez par vous-même. Ça vaut le coup. Certainement, un à deux pouces! (Try it and see for yourself. It's worth it. Definitely, a two thumbs up!)

371 Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
+63-947-9992-456 or (032)-260-4388
Opens Daily from 7:00am to 12:00am 


  1. I love this post! And I agree that the mango tastes a bit off. I noticed that too when I tried it. And they have the best croissant - yummmm! xx

    1. Thanks, Sheryl! I was worried if I posted a lot of photos but I'm glad you love it. Let's try the other flavors and see if we will like it.

  2. Hi Fred! I pass by the shop every day when I take my son to school and have always wondered how it looks inside. And thank you for posting the prices :D I was hesitant to go in because I was thinking they have nothing for less than 200 bucks :)Great post!

  3. Hi Fred, thanks for including La Vie Parisienne in your post - we now know what to expect when we will have time to visit.. Great thanks ;)- Mimi G.

  4. You're welcome! You should try it out especially their's a divine!

  5. Hellooo french pastries! O-O I've been to the restaurant but not to the bakery yet and after this post, it's now on my "must-do" list. Thanks for sharing this! :D

    1. Hi're very much welcome! I'd be looking forward to your post about La Vie Parisienne. Keep blogging! =)

  6. For a French bakery and deli, the prices are quite affordable. I hope to try the croissants, their cheese and wine soon.

    Baktin Corporation

    1. Yes, you must! You will find it worth-it for sure. Thanks for your comment. =)

  7. I have been here on the first week of their opening (unknown to me as I was a tourist) and I think this is one of the best pastry shops in Cebu. I always recommend my friends to always visit La Vie Parisienne whenever they're in Cebu. SM supermarkets offer the same macarons at their bakery but there is a distinct difference from the quality. Also, I saw a La Vie Parisienne branch opening soon in Quezon City. Hello Manila!

  8. do you know how much their glass of wine is?

  9. I love La Vie Cebu! They are now open 24 hours on weekends! <3

  10. I fell in love in this place! <3 very relax atmosphere. They only sell the wine and champagne by the bottle.. :)

  11. how about their wine? how much does it cost?

    1. It varies depending on the flavor. It ranges from as low as Php200.00 to thousands. Just visit their wine cellar. Thanks for dropping by, Claudine!

  12. WoW! Looks really delicious. I just tried the macarons from macaron tango, I will definitely going to check out this place.=)

  13. The claim that their macarons are from Laduree is ridiculous. Laduree does not "supply" to any bakery and besides, if they bought these directly through frequent travels, it only means one thing - they are not fresh! Rather claim how they made it from scratch rather than pretending. Ugh.

  14. hi, just wondering how can i get there from downtown cebu city? will be in cebu next week and this is one of my bucket list. thanks!

  15. Hi! how do we get there from cebu city downtown?