Sunday, June 30

Cheers to Chedz Cakes!

I have a sweet tooth and obviously my meal would never be complete without any desserts or something sweet. I tried a lot of cakes and pastries in the city until a good friend of mine, Sheryl of My Dolce Vita talked about Chedz Cakes. This is owned and managed by Cecille Anne G. Corazo. Sheryl told me that they have a free cake tasting which is not common in most of the cake shops here in Cebu City. She asked me to fill-out this FORM online to get a schedule which I did. I was surprised because the owner replied through email confirming the schedule for the cake tasting.

I went to their office but unfortunately Cecille Anne wasn't there because she went on a vacation. However, I was glad because the one who attended me named Che-Che was so nice and accommodating. I thought that they'll only give me cake slices because it is just a free cake tasting but after asking for my identification, they gave me a box of four junior-size cakes.

Now, take a look at these pictures and be familiar with the establishment's facade for your cake orders. They are located in Gorordo Ave., near BDO.
Lifetime Events Depot Directory

Main Entrance

They surprised me with four junior-size premium cakes that are so colorful and the smell was so tempting. By the smell itself you can say that this is one of a kind. See below how these cakes are well-designed and crafted.

Four Junior-Size Cakes
Now, let me introduce each of the premium cakes they gave me. The first one is the Black Forest Cake which is one of my favorites because this is not the typical chocolate cake that we always eat from any cake shops. When you slice it, you will see that in the middle of the cake is a thick chocolate that is well-balanced. Definitely great for chocolate cake lovers!
Black Forest Cake - designed with whipped cream and topped with semi-sweet chocolate shavings and cherries to balance the chocolate overload on the cake.

I love the second premium cake which is the Mango Cake, topped with carefully-selected Cebu's finest mangoes. It is a great combination of the butter icing and mangoes even on the inside. This is simply irresistable!

Cebu Mango Cake - the butter icing compliments well with the fresh mangoes on the cake

The third on the list is the Ube or Purple Yam Cake which is also good. The color is highly-noticeable but I need to be honest here, I did not consume a lot of this because I find it so sweet. I don't know if it was just that time that the cake was really sweet for me but I'm sure for the others, they would definitely consume everything.

Ube Cake (Purple Yam) - the color is so attractive and it looks so dainty as well. Topped with cherries to make it so lively.
The last but definitely not the least is my most favorite of the four...Cappuccino Cake. You will really taste the coffee as the main ingredient of the cake. I also like its filling in the middle of the cake because it will let you crave for more because of the bitter-like taste and aroma.

Cappuccino Cake - showered with semi-sweet chocolate shavings and pinches of cherries. If you love coffee-based desserts, this is perfect for you.
I'm sure right now you've been drooling over these pictures and can't wait to taste it. But wait, there's more...they are not only good with classic cakes. They also bake premium cupcakes and they are famous when it comes to customizing cake designs for weddings, birthdays, debuts, baptisms and other occasions that you can choose from their file or your preferred theme or concept.

Basta Chedz, lami jud...kaayo!

For more information and your orders, feel free to contact:

Cecille Anne G. Corazo
Lifetime Events Depot
101 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City


  1. So which one's your favorite? Is it cebu mango? xx

  2. I like both cappuccino and mango cake...the best!

  3. Wa jud ko nikaon sa Cappuchino kay lasang kape. Hahaha ako na! But lami ang black forest kay nahurot nako :)

  4. Thanks to sheryl for introducing this. Hihihih

  5. Hi Fred, this is Cecille from Chedz. Thanks for the write up! Too bad we didn't get to meet. Thanks to Sheryl as well. :)

  6. Hello Cecille. You're welcome! I hope to meet you soon.

  7. I must try those babies!! Looks really good and tempting..

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. Indeed, it's very yummy!

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  9. All of those four premium cakes were given free? o.o