Wednesday, June 18

Dahil Sa Iyo Fastfood, Tacloban City

Sounds familiar? Yes, you're right. It's the famous classic Filipino love song and one of the most popular and favorite songs of the Filipinos. In fact, the original Filipino lyrics has been translated into different languages.

So, what's the connection of the song to this featured fastfood in Tacloban City? The fastfood was named after this song because of the honorable Imelda Romualdez Marcos, the wife of the late President and strongman Ferdinand Marcos who loves to sing the song Dahil Sa'Yo in public gatherings. Mrs. Marcos and her family is very famous in Tacloban City and she is even known to be the "Rose of Tacloban". The admiration of the fastfood owner towards Mrs. Marcos leads them to naming the establishment after her favorite song.

This fastfood offers different viands that you get to choose from.

And it specializes Pakdol, Tacloban's own version of Nilagang Baka (Beef Stew). Almost every place in the Philippines has its own version of this dish just like the song mentioned earlier. 

Pakdol - Php160.00 (good for 2 persons)
I was expecting that it has bone marrows and corn on the cob just like any delicious beef stew but sad to say, there wasn't. What was good about it was the hot, tasty soup with pechay that's good for a cold weather but overall, I wasn't really impressed. My mom's Nilagang Baka is better than this but it could be different for you.

When you get to Tacloban City, visit this fastfood and see for yourself.

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Dahil Sa Iyo Fastfood
Brgy. 34, Real Street,
Tacloban City, Leyte

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