Monday, June 16

Duz Grill, San Antonio Village, Cebu City

I can't recall when was the last time I had dinner in a peaceful and romantic place until a friend introduced me to this nice and quiet place in one of the subdivisions in Apas, Lahug.

We already went there late at night to make sure that we would be able to appreciate the place and that no one was there except the two of us...romantic huh? But we were wrong, there were a lot of dining customers and I asked myself why I haven't discovered Duz Grill before.

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It is a quiet, residential property when Alduz Aizon, the man behind everything and his family was able to come up with a unique and great idea to showcase their creativity when it comes to delicious recipes just right at their place by putting up small areas for dining.


Certainly, a very romantic and relaxing place. This place doesn't offer a wide array of food choices. They only have limited options such as ribs and burgers yet with a promise to fill our hungry tummies. This is definitely a place of meat lovers. We ordered...

The Pork Tenderloin Kebabs (Php150.00) is so tender and well-marinated that makes it flavorful. I wasn't pleased though with the serving size for myself. Perhaps, they could either lower the price or put more meat on it. However, it's perfect for a light weeknight dinner, in fairness.

The Spicy Pork Ribs (Php180.00) is simply the best. Its spicy sauce compliments with the tenderness of the meat plus the chopped chilis made it so lovable and unforgettable. Definitely one of the best ribs in town served with veggies and fries plus the price is worth it.

If you want to go there and experience their best-tasting burgers and ribs, check out the sketch below.

Or for reservations, you can contact...

...or visit their website HERE.

Duz Grill
33A Fourth St.,
San Antonio Village,
Apas, Lahug, Cebu City
(0939) 936-9103 / 401-9012


  1. Daghan na kaayo restaurants offering ribs. What else is on the menu?

    1. Hahaha sorry kaayo ha kay lately puro ribs akong gikaon just like my previous post hahahah they have burgers and ribs lang gyud.

  2. nag crave ka ug ribs noh, Fred? :D I don't mind. I love ribs too! load em with chilies! yum! But now I'm curious, kinsa imo ka date? hihi

    1. Hahahah naintriga ka? Hahaha a good friend lang oi...ikaw gyud. Thanks for reading my post.