Sunday, June 15

Uncle Sam Diner, Tacloban City

If you're a foodie and you get to visit Tacloban City, do not miss the chance to dine at a restaurant that will take you to the land of stars and stripes, United States of America because of its ambiance and of course, the food.

I wasn't able to dine at Uncle Sam Diner the first time I visited Tacloban City because of a limited time but I promised myself to try it the moment I get back to the place and yes, it was fulfilled.

Uncle Sam is known to be a legendary figurehead of the United States of America. Hence, the place brought U.S.A. to the Philippines in a form of a diner. The place is never intimidating. In fact, when you get inside, you will be amazed by the framed movie posters on their walls as one of their highlights plus one of the walls where Uncle Sam is surrounded by the known tourist spots of the U.S.A. like Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, Hollywood and the Golden Gate. One of the things that matters most is the staff and surprisingly, they have smiling, friendly and accommodating staff who provide quick service.

When I checked the menu, I was glad because it's not too expensive but of course I need to try it first before I will give my final verdict.

And here's what I had for dinner...

The bacon and mushroom soup (Php70.00) became my personal favorite right after the first sip. I fell in love with the texture because it is really creamy and ohh so yummy. They are so generous with their bacon and mushroom serving and the taste is really a turn-on. 10 stars for this. Bravo!

I had Jack Daniel's Baby Back Ribs (Php215.00) for my main course. It is served with a cup of rice and two corn on the cobs. The corn is seriously mouthwatering because of its smoky and buttery flavor. For the meat, it was indeed a big serving yet the meat is not that tender and the sauce was great but it's not enough for the entire serving. I wasn't sure if they will give you more sauce but I did not bother to ask anymore. I'll give them 6 stars for this dish.

As a finale, I ordered the sinful Chocolate Madness (Php155.00) for my dessert and I was right, it was one sinful treat. Three scoops of chocolate ice cream with lots of chocolate bits, mallows, wafer sticks, chocolate cookie and drizzled with chocolate syrup is right in front of me. Ohh yeah! Another 10 stars for this.

My experience with Uncle Sam Diner is really worth it and I will definitely visit the place before I go back to Cebu City. My verdict is 8 out of 10 stars for this experience.

How about you? Have you tried it here? Let me hear your thoughts.

Uncle Sam Diner
Gomez St., Tacloban City
(053) 321-8258
Opens Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm
Payment Option: Cash Only


  1. Thank you for visiting our place. We greatly appreciate feedbacks from our valued guests because from them we get to know where we could improve our products and services to satisfy them. We will focus on the things that you pointed out sir and we will improve it. We were glad that overall you enjoyed your dining experience with us. Hope you could visit us again soon :)

  2. Hello Mr. Daligdig...thank you for your comment. I will definitely visit Uncle Sam probably on Friday before going back to Cebu. I hope to see you there.