Monday, September 30

Cafe Caw, SSY Business Center, Lahug

I've read a blog before about this cute, colorful place called Café Caw in Banilad from one of my favorite bloggers, Mustachioventures. I haven't exerted any effort to visit the place since it is situated far from where I live. However, when this Korean coffee shop opened another branch in SSY Business Center in Lahug, I told myself that I will visit this petite shop soon and it happened last weekend.

I was able to catch up with a good friend and decided to have dinner. Since Café Caw is just a coffee and pastry shop, we decided to have our dinner first somewhere else and just go back to have coffee after.

I was excited to take photos but only to find out that my phone ran out of battery, as in drained. I need to invest a good camera soon or if someone is generous enough to give me one, I would appreciate it. LoL! Good thing my friend, Jandy brought her camera phone with her and I was able to take photos.  

The facade of this shop looks like a playhouse and looking at the logo, it's like a drawing of a kid that is so cute!

When we get inside, we noticed that they only have few pastries that night. I guess some baked goodies were already sold out because there were already a lot of customers inside.

I was amazed to see that they are selling cupcakes. They have green tea and red velvet that time. They also have mug cakes, an enormous chocolate cake and some petite, weird-looking desserts.

This shop is also full of knickknacks and small, cute stuff. Mustachio, you might want to take photos of your toy right beside their trinkets.

Also, I like the inspiring message that is written on the stairs before going to the second floor.

Since we were very full, we only ordered coffee and nothing else. I was thinking that I'll just go back to try their desserts some other time. And we ordered...

Dark Choco Truffle Freeze - Php135.00

Vanilla Latte - Php110.00
The truffle freeze was really good because I love dark chocolates. I don't know if the dark chocolate particles at the bottom of the glass was part of the presentation but I consumed it like a kid wanting to lick the entire bottle. I seriously love it but I hate its after effect because when I reached home, I was palpitating. I was able to drink a liter of water just to flush the caffeine out. However, that doesn't change my decision of visiting this place again.

I just can't help but be proud of this café not because it is simply cute but it is relaxing as well. You can just stay there, chill and talk anything under the sun with your friends or someone special.

To give you an idea what it looks like upstairs, I took some photos from the site of the interior designer, HL Designs. Credits to the interior designer for the photos below.

You will be able to see a lot furnitures and fixtures in different, playful designs in pastel colors. The chairs, tables, lamps and even the mirrors are of different shapes and hues that compliment each other for a soothing and relaxing ambiance. 

I'd like to thank my friend, Jandy for spending that evening with me. It was so nice catching up with her despite our busy work schedules. We took a photo before our orders were served.

I will definitely visit this coffee shop again to try their desserts and other baked goodies. Have you already been to this place? Let me hear your thoughts.

Café Caw
SSY Business Center,
Salinas Drive, Lahug,
Cebu City
(032) 418-1012
Opens from Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:30pm


  1. will surely visit this place again Fred and taste their huge slice of chocolate cake..

    1. Yeah soon! I'm looking forward to that.

  2. Thanks for the mention Fred! My post on Cafe Caw was more on the negative, but I am glad it did not deter you from trying them out. I did go a second time to their Banilad branch and was again disappointed. But I tried my friend's red velvet and it was quite good (soft, not at all rock hard like the lemon cupcake that I had).

    Based on the photos above, their new place in Lahug sure is eye candy. And I guess they're doing pretty well since they have opened a new branch. Ako lang gyud siguro walay swerte when it comes to eating at Cafe Caw hahaha :D When I do get to visit their Lahug branch, I will pose beside that grinning ceramic thingy (the upper left of the 5th photo) :D

    1. I'm so sorry about your experience at their branch in Banilad but I am so excited to see your photo with their toys. =)

  3. i love the message on the stairs too. and the colors are so cute!

    REAlity Bites

    1. True! I l♥ve the color combination.

  4. Replies
    1. It is! Let's go there, Jo once you get back here in Cebu ha.

  5. OMG this place is so blog worthy and affordable kaau and nice ang interior sa place. Thanks for sharing this Fred surely muadto jud ko heee. :)

  6. I love the place. The furniture looks awesome.. Imma make that as my new project.. love the chairs and couches..

    1. Go, Alic! I will definitely watch out for that project.

  7. Hey, how did you install that photo protection thing? :)

    1. There's a code that I placed on the Layout page. I'll ask my colleague about it and I'll get back to you. Thanks for dropping by, Pepe! By the way, I am already following your posts. do followback. Thanks again! =)