Wednesday, June 19

Serenity...overcoming stress and anxiety!

Serenity means maintaining a sense of inner peace even in difficult situations. It is by accepting the things we cannot change and focusing our energy where we can make a difference. Despite of all the stress and anxieties that I have with work or even my personal life, I still manage to maintain a serene and peaceful state of mind.

I bought these at Metro Gaisano - Ayala but you can also find these items in any department stores:

a porcelain burner - around Php50.00-90.00 (it depends on the design and size)
a pack of Talent Fareast scented candles - Vanilla - Php 39.00 (it also has lemon, sampaguita etc.)
a bottle of Huile Parfumee scented oil - Lavender for relaxation - Php29.00 (it comes with a lot of scents...)

My room smells like I'm in a spa when the scented oil starts to boil in the burner. You can really feel that your body and mind is so relaxed.

Try it out and free yourself from worries and stress but just a gentle reminder, always check the oil and watch over the candle to avoid fire.


  1. We used to do this back when we had no baby yet, and we used peppermint all the time. I agree that it's definitely a stress buster! xx

  2. Why not use it again? Just look for a scent that's baby friendly. I'm sure you're family would love it.

  3. Nice blog! Welcome to the blogosphere!