Tuesday, July 30

Gusto Urban Cafe + Wine Bar, Calyx Center, Cebu I.T. Park, Cebu City

This is one great post that I'd like to share with you because we had a bloggers dinner last Friday evening. Despite of the heavy rains, it was a night full of conversation, fun and laughter.

Some of my close blogger friends were there and we were so glad that we finally met one of the best bloggers in town, JoAnn of Food Wanderings in Asia. She is so nice, silent-type and a refine woman. It was a night of meeting new friends and great camaraderie.

We planned this way before and we even invited some of the famous bloggers but some declined due to prior engagements. We hope that they can join us on our next meet-up.

We decided to meet and dine at Gusto Urban Cafe + Wine Bar since most of us haven't tried it there yet and we were so curious about what they offer. Good thing that JoAnn was there early and reserved a table for us inside since it was raining cats and dogs and we can't stay outside.

Here is our group photo before they serve the food:

From left to right: Ivan, me, JoAnn and Shee

Chef Munesh, one of the accommodating chefs

Take a look at the food that we had that evening:

Calamansi Juice - Php65.00

Frullati di Frutta (Mango and Apple Shakes) - Php90.00 each

Lemon Iced Tea - Php65.00

The Rigatoni Meat Pasta was one of the best that evening. The cheese was generously grated and distributed and the consistency of the sauce was perfect.

Rigatoni Meat Pasta (Chicken strips, stewed tomato and mozzarella) - Php215.00

The Fusilli Seafood Pasta's combination was almost perfect. Almost perfect I must say because the sauce was unforgettable, strongly flavored and it has its distinct taste that's good not until I discovered a few small bones of the anchovy that I couldn't take. It would even take me an hour to eat a bottle of spanish sardines because of the soft bones and this meal frustrates me after I discovered the small bones.

Fusilli Seafood Pasta (Shrimps, garlic, tomato sauce, olives, anchovy and capers) - Php205.00

The Ravioli Pasta was my winning moment because I conquered the greens. I normally don't eat greens but I appreciate what was inside it coz it was spinach and ricotta cheese and surprisingly, I haven't tasted a hint of the spinach. Thumbs up!

Ravioli Pasta (Stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach on basil tomato sauce) - Php215.00

According to Shee, this sandwich was dry and uninspiring. The filling did not jive well with the wheat bread. Good thing coz the arugula and the goat cheese dip saved the entire flavor of this pastry.

Salame Milano Sandwich (Wheat bread, salami, goat cheese, arugula and chives) - Php220.00

We all love the pizza. According to Shee, it's like Pizzeria Michelangelo's Robertino (post here) it's just that it's more expensive for its size.

Prosciutto de Parma Pizza (Tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, arugula, parmesan cheese) - Php340.00

We ended our meal with their mouth-watering, sinful, rich and creamy, OMG! dessert Tiramisu where the main ingredient was mascarpone cream. What else can I say? It's heaven sent.

Tiramisu (Mascarpone cream) - Php140.00

It was one of the memorable dinners that I had and to rate the resto's food and ambiance, I'll give them a 4 on a scale of 1-5. By the way, their chefs and waitresses are so accommodating and goodlooking...ehem! just some of them.

We will definitely go back there one of these days. Visit Gusto Urban Cafe + Wine Bar and let me hear your thoughts too.

Gusto Urban Cafe + Wine Bar
Ground Floor, Calyx Centre, Cebu I.T. Park
Opens from 8:00AM-2:00AM everyday


  1. I think I'd like the Rigatoni Meat Pasta and the Tiramisu, also the Frullati!! =)

  2. Food's great specially their pasta. I'll definitely be back. At least now, I know what NOT to order. xx

    1. I agree. Let's go back there, Shee!

    2. BTW Fred, I nominated you for the Liebster Award in my blog. Hope you can check it out! xx

  3. So here's the food part :-) Glad you guys had a great time!

    1. Yeah, we had a great time. We hope that you can join us next time. Thanks for chekcing my post. ;-)

  4. You're too nice, Fred! Thanks. :D I'm already looking forward to Chocolatier! It was fun to meet you, Shee and Allen. Hope we can do it again some time. *Perhaps mukuyog na si Mustachio?* hehe

    1. You're welcome, JoAnn. Hopefully makakuyog na ang tag-iya sa manika nga bungoton nga si Mustachio hahahaha peace! LoL! :-D

    2. Trololol.. haha. Excited for the chocolatier!

    3. Tanan food sa chocolatier kay naay chocolate??? Lemme know when mo mo adto...kay mang spy lang ko ninyo hahaha :D

    4. way ana-ay! hahaha kuyog sunod para ma meet namo ang little mustached guy

    5. Mustachio, yes tanang food naay chocolate even ilang pizza ug ilang soup naay chocolate. Kung mokuyog ka namu palitan ka nakog drink hahahaha. Ayaw pagspy kay wala pako kaila ug paparazzi nga bungoton hahahaha!

  5. the heck... anchovy bones are soft and can't be totally separated from the flesh. they're edible and does not affect the taste of the food. the only way to hide them is to grind the fish. are you allergic to bones? or you're just being OA? that's silly for someone who blogs about food.