Monday, July 29

Macaron Tango Café, The Boulevard, Cebu City

I've read a lot of posts, articles and blogs about Macaron Tango Cafe and even heard about it from my friends and colleagues. A lot of interpretations clouded my mind if it's an awesome experience or a disappointment. I don't have the luxury of time to visit the not-really-new-little-talked-about French cafe even if I am just living nearby because of my hectic schedule (feeling celebrity! LMAO) until my friends and I passed by this hidden place in The Boulevard after we had an all-you-can-eat lunch.

I was expecting that the place is French-inspired because of its name and would even let us feel a bit of French ambiance but it was depressing. When we get inside, a lot of French people or Francophones were there making me feel intimidated but I just go straight to the display stand where I can find their pastries. I did not really care at first and I thought that I will be hooked with their baked goodies but I got distracted of those who are speaking so loud and the area became crowded because some of their customers are standing, looking at some pastries, some are still ordering, the waiters can't even move freely because the place was really small. Personally, I will just go there and eat a meal and go or just take my orders out because the area again is literally small. I don't even find it a comfy place since I can hear the horns of the vehicles and people shouting outside. It's not an ideal place to relax or chill. They don't even have good background music which I understand because it will just make the place more crowded and noisy. Instead, I just focused myself on the sweet treats displayed on their glass chiller.

There was beignet, croissant, croustade, quiche, creme brulee, chocolate mousse, a wide array of cheesecakes and the divine macarons.

If you think that my quest for the best-tasting macarons ended at La Vie Parisienne (post here), you're wrong. We were so delighted to see the different colors and flavors of their macarons and can't wait to taste it and share our thoughts about it.

I wasn't impressed because it has a hollow interior and when I held it, it cracked. The filling wasn't as melts-in-your-mouth as La Vie's. It's not worth the price.

French Macarons - (Top to Bottom) Strawberry, Ube, Mocha, Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Pistachio - Php40.00 each (Php255.00/box of 6)

My other friend ordered blueberry cheesecake and cafe latte. We tried it and the cheesecake was so sweet for us. I did not really indulge myself into it since blueberry cheesecake is so common from any other coffee and dessert shops.

Blueberry Cheesecake - Php90.00/slice

Cafe Latte - Php100.00
One pastry that caught my attention was in a shape of small, striated cylinder with round edges and approximately two inches in height. It's called Canelé de Bordeaux with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. It's made from eggs, sugar, milk, flour flavored with rum and vanilla. It was fine when I got to taste it coz the texture was consistent and I recommend this to those who don't like sweets so much.

Canelle de Bourdeaux - Php50.00 each

Another French delicacy that I did not really get to enjoy was the Boule de Berlin Beignet. The attendant said that it's the donut version in France but it didn't even tasted like one. According to one of my friends who tried it, it tasted like a stale bread from a cheap bakeshop with margarine or butter in the middle. I didn't even finish it. It was a waste of money honestly speaking.

Boule de Berlin Beignet - Php50.00 each

Chef Remy, a French chef and I guess the owner approached our table and asked us about the food. He surprised us by asking one of his waiters to serve us a slice of Lemon Tart to try. I can say that this is the best lemon tart so far that I've tasted. It was like sex in the mouth and oh so orgasmic. It's not because it was on the house but the distinctive sour taste of lemon that equally bursted in my mouth gave this sinful dessert a two-thumbs up.

Lemon Tart - Php90.00/slice

We don't have any regrets of trying these baked goodies because it helped us decide and identify which pastries are really good or not. I want to go back to try their other meals and I'm hoping that it would be a Satisfaction rating that I will give instead of Needs Improvement. Visit them if you have time and let me hear your thoughts.

What are your thoughts?

Macaron Tango Cafe

Boulevard (under Jo's Inato), Osmena Blvd.
Capitol, Cebu City 6000

Banilad Town Center (BTC),

Gov. M. Cuenco St., Cebu City 6000
Contact:  (032) 236 3488
Operating Hours:   Mon - Sat  8:30 AM - 10 PM 


  1. I love their quiche and other pastries, not so much on their macarons xx

    1. I'll try the quiche when I go back there, Shee!

  2. Tongue-twister lang ang mga names sa food! Haha.

    Anyway, centralized lagi ang price sa macarons no? 40 each gyud and at least they offer box of 6. Hmmm. Wanna try that lemon tart! :)

    1. I think standard price gyud na sa macarons ang Php40. If naa koy madiscover nga mas barato or mas mahal, I will let you know hehehehe :-)

  3. If you say that lemon tart is orgasmic, then I got to try that one lol. Lami ang canelle? I wonder what time/day is best to go to avoid the crowd.

    1. The canelle was just a so-so and it's good to those who don't love sweet so much. You must try their lemon tart and let me know if you experience the orgasmic effect. LoL!

  4. I want to try the lemon tart (I like lemony stuff) but I hate that parking there is so expensive.

    1. Hey! me too, i like lemony stuff. You must try it and let me know your thoughts. How much is the parking fee? You can park somewhere near CDH. ;-)

  5. Their Beignet reminded me of something found at Julies. LOL

    1. Hahaha i know what you are talking's the violet yoyo that has margarine in the middle. I love that better!