Sunday, July 28

Apurado Chicken Haus' All-You-Can-Eat, Cebu City

If one of your hobbies is eating, I'm sure you wouldn't refuse an invitation for an all-you-can-eat dining experience. There are a lot of restaurants popping out like mushrooms here in Cebu City offering a lot of perks and promotions to entice their customers. Buffet or All-You-Can-Eat with reasonable price is one of the effective ways to attract customers.

I've known Apurado since I came here in Cebu City. Before it was located right across Chong Hua Hospital and the other one at Robinsons-Fuente OsmeƱa but they moved to a better location at Don Avila St., Capitol Site. I did not really pay close attention to this restaurant because I was thinking that it's just one of the usual eateries or carenderias in town until one of my close friends invited me for lunch at their new location. I was amazed because it was my first time to get inside the establishment and it was clean, impressive and has a homey ambience and they offer all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner aside from their ala carte orders. Before it was only Php199 per head for lunch but just last week, I noticed they increased their prices.

I invited some of my officemates to try their All-You-Can-Eat lunch and we feasted on a lot of seafoods that day.

We do not have any regrets of going there because we saw the value of our money. In fact, we are planning of going back there anytime soon and bring our other officemates and friends. It is worth the time, effort and money. Take a look at my friends satisfied faces...

Let me hear your thoughts too.

Apurado Chicken Haus
Don Avila Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City
Telephone Numbers: 512-4858 / 516-0732


  1. This is a whole lot better than their old branch at Robinsons. They've definitely kicked it up a few notches. For everything you get, 229 is a good value indeed!

    1. I agree, this is better...yeah right, it's affordable too! If you want to literally pig out, this is a perfect place.

  2. Wow, kalami sa buffet tanawon! Try nya ko ani sometime... :)

  3. I'll go for the seafood, not so much sa veggies and meaty stuff! Hehehe.

  4. Do you serve Kosher?