Sunday, February 9

JD Bakery Cafe, Iloilo City

It's a lazy Sunday morning and I got nothing to do. I visited a friend who is a local of Iloilo City to catch things up. When I get to her workplace, it was already lunchtime and both of us were really hungry. I was thinking of just going to a nearby fastfood to eat but she insisted of bringing me to a place where it is cheaper and delicious.

JD Bakery Cafe has a lot of branches in Iloilo City but we went to the nearest branch from where we were at. When we were already there, the place was already full of dining customers.

I was thinking that this is just a typical bakeshop or cafe where you can just chill over a cup of coffee paired with your favorite pastry like cookie or bread but I was wrong. When we get inside, the place is so simple, clean and has a nice atmosphere. It was full of breads and pastries displayed on the shelves and chillers plus they also serve rice meals, pasta, pizza and more.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed not only by their pastries but also with the prices because everything is so affordable. You can really take advantage of their cake bars, cake slices, meals and more from Php7.00 to Php200.00. Take a look at what we ordered...

Pork Hamonado - Php 49.50
Affordable, isn't it? Just like any hamonado, it has the sweet and sour taste and the meat is so good. It has diced vegetables in the middle plus the sauce compliments the meat so much. Good!

Chicken Cordon Blue - Php49.50
Another affordable meal that I can also say, one of the best in the house. The meat is so tender and it has ham and cheese in the middle plus the sauce is so good because it's sweet and spicy. Yummy!

Fresh Lumpia - Php13.25
The presentation is so simple for their fresh lumpia but once tasted, you'll ask for more. This is really mouthwatering. they did not provide me any separate sauce for this but surprisingly, it is already included inside the wrap itself along with the vegetables and crushed peanuts. Oh so good!

Siomai - Php19.50 / 4 pcs.
I did not expect that this dish is delicious. They may have a secret ingredient mixed with the meat that they're using because it's really different from the other siomai that I've tasted. One thing that is missing that can surely make this a sure-hit was the chili sauce which they don't have.

Peanut Choco Square - Php7.25 each and Popcorn Butterscotch Bar - Php10.25 each
Coconut Lime Square - Php5.75 each and Tropical Bar - Php8.50 each
These small bars are really delicious and totally mouthwatering. These are just few of the pastry bars that they are selling. In fact, they have a wide array of choices for pastry bars. I chose these bars because of its unique names and I did not have any regrets of picking them up. Great!

While eating, I saw something posted on their wall that really caught my attention.

Can you imagine how affordable it is compared to the ones sold in Cebu City or in any hotels or pastry shops? I hurried myself to the cashier to buy some of those macarons but unfortunately, it was already sold out. Tsk, too bad!

Before we went home, my friend ordered something for take-out and she even asked me to try it but I was already full that's why I didn't get to taste how good it was but here are the photos.

Chicken Roll - Php19.75

Chicken ala King - Php32.50
I can say that my experience with JD Bakery Cafe is something of value. You will really see the worth of your money that will surely make you so full when you get out of this bakery cafe. Why don't you try it and see for yourself. They have several branches around Iloilo City. Go now and let me hear your thoughts.

JD Bakery Cafe
DD Road House Co.,
#38 Gen. Luna St.,
Brgy. Inday, Iloilo City
Contact No.: 033 337 4292


  1. Chicken cordon blue! Looks yummy, I'm not so much of a bread person though. I think I'll like the siomai and macarons. :)

  2. 9-peso macaron! I should go there and hoard! Ooppss, layoa sad sa Iloilo...

  3. Hope to drop by soon,...I like siomai...&.. Pork Hamonado...

    1. You should, Eduardo. Thanks for the comment. ;-)

  4. Good eve sir Fred, JD Bakeshop is open for franchising sir?

  5. Hi good afternoon is JD Bakeshop open for franchising sir?