Monday, November 25

Grandma's Best Restaurant and Bakeshop, Dipolog City...Revisited!

The family is done hearing the Holy Mass on a Sunday morning. It has been a tradition in the family that we'll go to the church early in the morning together and have breakfast after.

Since it was still early, we were having trouble looking for a decent place where we can have our breakfast. We've already checked some of the known restaurants and fastfood chain in the city but the decision was unanimous that we will go to Grandma's Best Restaurant and Bakeshop.

I have already posted about Grandma's Best before when me and my colleagues went on a 4D Adventure (post here). Honestly, this is one of the best restaurants that I have on my list. Aside from the friendly staff, the establishment is guaranteed clean and has set standards for dining customers and I should not forget to mention the food is really great!

Thanks to Grandma's Best FB page for this particular photo
I apologize if I took the photo above from their Facebook Page since I don't have any nice photos of their facade. Here's what we had to start our day right:

Skinless Longganisa with Egg and Garlic Rice - Php95.00
This is a popular Filipino breakfast. Who doesn't love longganisa? It is a native sausage seasoned with spices for a distinct flavor. This is not the same with what you can buy from the market. It has its own unique flavor that is best paired with fried egg, tomato slices and the healthy garlic rice.

Bacon with Egg and Toasted Bread - Php100.00
If you are not a rice-eater, you can go with this dish for breakfast. You will surely love the honey cured bacon that doesn't have any oil drippings when served and what's good about this dish is it has lesser fats than any typical fried bacon in any silog establishments or corners. It would have been better also if they provided us butter and a fruit jam or marmalade for the toasted bread for a perfect meal.

Baby Back Ribs - Php140.00
The serving was really big for me but still I was able to consume everything because I was so hungry. This dish is lean and meaty but what is lacking is the Teriyaki sauce that will make this meal more sumptuous. My perception about this dish changes when I noticed while I am slowly taking a bite to the bone itself, the meat is getting colder and colder. Was it frozen before it was fried? Was it fried properly before serving it? I did not raise it anymore because I am almost done with my meal. Also, the coleslaw served was just until my throat and it left me hanging. It was only a teaspoonful. I don't know if that was the standard serving size but I was seriously craving for it since it was really good. This meal did not impress me at all unlike their other dishes that are really irresistible.

Of course, our meal is never complete without a dessert. I think this is already a standard operating procedure for the family. We had...

Brazo de Mercedes - Php60.00 per slice; Php140.00 whole
This is not a typical dessert because it's not a roll that you'll get but a big slice. It is made of soft meringue body and a custard core that is not really sweet. Tempting.

Burp! We're so full.

What caught my attention before we went out was this...

Aside from being a WiFi zone establishment, they are already Department Of Tourism accredited and recognized by Trip Advisor which is a good thing to know! Certainly, it will invite more tourists and customers.

What are your experiences about this restaurant? Share it...

Grandma's Best Restaurant and Bakeshop
Mabini cor. Arellano Streets,
Dipolog City
(065) 212-3396


  1. I like brazo de mercedes. Asa sa Cebu naay lami na brazo de mercedes (aside sa Casilda's)?

    1. That I don't know. Lami bitaw sa Casilda's noh?

  2. Wow! Sayang we were only able to visit the place once. Next time! :) I love the brazo!

  3. Not sure if its the same resto pero may natry akong Grandmas sa Zambales. Masarap :)

    1. Hmmm I don't have any idea but the owners are from Pampanga. :-)

  4. yes gyud... thumbs up for Grandma's Best... i was there last March 5 with 2 Tabaranza Frs. & my fellow Comboni Fr. Molong... it was indeed a great meal.. thanks also for the delicious durian & marang you offered.. regards kaninyong tanan.. hasta kang Dra... daghang salamat!!! sarap po talaga babalik dyan balang-araw!!! God bless..