Wednesday, August 28

Grandma's Best Restaurant and Bakeshop, Dipolog City

Hello everyone, I'm back! I have so many things to share about our 4D Escapade most especially our food trip. I don't even know where to start and what to post but let's take it one at a time.

Talking about food trip, Dipolog City has a lot to offer. There are so many restaurants that you can find in every corner of the streets that suits your cravings. One of the most popular restaurants that is highly recommended by all Dipolognons is Grandma's Best Restaurant and Bakeshop.

Grandma's Best Restaurant and Bakeshop has been around the Orchid City for quite sometime now. It is a fully-airconditioned, 60-seater restaurant that offers cakes, pastries and sumptuous meals. It is owned by a true blue PampangueƱa, Mrs. Ma. Magdalena M. Concepcion who only visits the place very often. This cozy resto is managed by Melanie and her family, who is also a family friend together with her husband, Jessel. It was a great opportunity for me to visit them and introduce my colleagues to their restaurant.

It was already planned that we will have a Sunday lunch with my family at Grandma's Best. I informed Melanie that my colleagues and I will be there by lunchtime to reserve some tables for us because I know a lot of people will dine there especially it's a weekend. When we arrived, there was already a place reserved for us and Melanie and Jessel welcomed us warmly. We were then provided with their menu for us to choose what we want to eat.

While the others were checking the menu, I took a photo of what it looks like inside.

The place is not that extravagant but it is pleasantly comfortable and cozy. It has a homelike ambiance that will not intimidate dining customers. If you're really hungry and you like a fast service, this is definitely the best place to go. It took them around 10-15 minutes to serve our food knowing that there were people who are already on the other tables waiting for their orders as well. When our orders arrived, we were overwhelmed because of the serving size. Take a look at our orders...

Fruit Shakes (Ripe Mango, Mango Milk, Guyabano, Apple) - Php60.00-75.00

Camaron - Php135.00

Seafood Supreme - Php150.00 must-try

Seafood Thai Rice - Php140.00

Sizzling Pork Chop - P150.00

Grilled Blue Marlin - Php140.00 must-try

Beef Stroganoff - Php120.00

White Choco Fudge and Dark Choco Fudge - Php50.00 each

You know what's the highlight of this event? It was all for FREE! Hahaha Because of the fact that Melanie and I haven't seen each other for a very long time, she treated my family and colleagues with free lunch. How was that? :-)

If you get the chance to visit Dipolog City, make sure to try this restaurant and I bet you'll crave for more. All you need to do is to take a motorcab, as the city's mode of transportation and all the drivers know where the place is located. If not, this resto is located along Mabini cor. Arellano Streets, Barra, Dipolog City. It is just right at the corner of these streets and you can easily identify it because of their facade.

Once you get the chance to visit this place, let me hear your thoughts about it.

Grandma's Best Restaurant and Bakeshop
Mabini cor. Arellano Streets,
Dipolog City
(065) 212-3396


  1. The food looks good! Are you going to write about the trip or just about the food? :D I have never been to Dipolog and would like to know what it has to offer. Waiting for your next post.

    1. Thanks for your comment, bungoton. Initially I was planning to write only about the food but since you want to know more about my hometown, I will try to post something about Dipolog and Dapitan. Napressure nuon ko LoL!

    2. Wala nako ka gipressure ha :D Pwede ra sad ko nimo emailan tips for Dipolog and Dapitan hahaha :D

    3. Sure. What is your email add? Or just ping know my number, right? ;-)

  2. Fred!!! Libreha pud ko dha if mapadpad ko dra ha! Lami-a sa stroganoff tanawon uy! xx

    1. Of course Shee, no worries about sa libre if mapadpad ka sa Dipolog. Soon!

  3. grabe, generous servings of the food! perhaps it's about time i pay my bestfriend in dipolog a visit and ask her to take me to that place. the stroganoff and the thai rice look tempting!

    1. Hello Rose. Thanks for your comment. You must go to Dipolog and try this one out. For sure, you will love it. Tell me if makaadto naka. ;-)

  4. The beef stroganoff is really yummy & creamy! Come to think of it, there's such thing as free lunch after all. Hurrah! Hahaha