Friday, July 19

La Tegola Cucina Italiana, The Terraces-Ayala Center, Cebu City

This is a special post that doesn't only feature the food of a specific restaurant which is really the main purpose of this blog but also it highlights the true friendship that will last forever. It's a celebration!

My bestfriend, Lloyd Jun, arrived from New York City and I'm glad because despite of his hectic schedule, he spent time to see us after how many long years of being away. We decided to meet in Ayala because he needs to buy some stuff. He asked me where to eat for dinner and honestly, I was really eager to try La Tegola and experience quality Italian cuisine and it's fine with him. I called some of our highschool close friends, Jandy and Rufe Paul, who are also based here in Cebu City to join us for dinner.

La Tegola is an Italian restaurant. They have five branches here in the Queen City of the South. The photos below were taken at The Terraces, Ayala Center-Cebu branch. The ambiance is really authentic, romantic and cozy. This is an ideal place for a romantic date and special occasion.

the facade at the The Terraces, Ayala Center-Cebu

(From L-R): me, Lloyd, Jandy and Rufe Paul

The interior gives you a warm and comfortable color scheme and artistic pieces of furniture and dimmed lights to let you feel like you are in real Italian restaurant (but I haven't been to Italy).


The owner was so accommodating that he even assisted us when we get inside even if there were a lot of foreigner customers. That was an awesome customer service experience. He gave us the menu and that made me a bit confused of what am I going to eat since I haven't tried eating in an authentic Italian restaurant. I was amazed with the names on the menu but good thing there were translations on what it is made of. 

Lloyd wanted to start our meal with a bottle of wine. The owner, Vincini (I hope I spelled it right!) introduced us a bottle of wine which he said is really good even on a room temparature or chilled. We started ordering our food while Lloyd was so busy talking to the owner. I tried to introduced myself to the owner but what was funny was when I was about to tell him that I am into blogging, he said "I remember you" with a big smile and I was thinking if I've met him somewhere and I could not even remember any acquaintances with him. We were just laughing and continue talking about stuff. Take a look at what we ordered that night:

iL Poggio Dei Vigneti (Merlo Veneto) - Php950.00

chilled Merlot Veneto

The owner served us the complimentary appetizer which I think is standard in all their branches...Foccacia.

Foccacia - Php88.00 (thin crust dough with fresh tomato olive oil and herb)

Frozen Iced Tea - Php60.00

Prosciutto di Parma e Mango - Php480.00 (rolled parma ham filled with mango)

Spaghetti al Ragu Siciliana - Php360.00 (spaghetti pasta with beef tenderloin in sicilian sauce)

Involtini all'Alfredo - Php300.00 (rolled beef tenderloin with cooked ham, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce with pasta)

Cream Dori con Salsa al Limone - Php360.00 (fish fillet with lemon sauce)

Cream Dori alla Siciliana - Php360.00 (cream dory fish fillet with assorted vegetables in tomato sauce)

Spaghetti al Cartoccio - Php295.00 (spaghetti with assorted seafood in tomato sauce baked in oven)

We were so full when we got out of the restaurant but we did not call it a night yet. We went to another restaurant to order something to drink because we still have a lot of things to talk about.

Overall, the experience at La Tegola was superb and I'll give them a two-thumbs up for the food and the ambience. We'd like to thank Lloyd by the way for the treat. We did not shell out even a single cent. 'Til next time, buddy!

Treat yourself and your friends at La Tegola and let me hear your thoughts.

La Tegola Branches:
  • Busay: Upper Busay, Cebu City, Tel: (032) 419 2220
  • Mactan: Marina Mall Bldg., Ibo, Lapu Lapu City, Tel: (032) 340 9070
  • Level 1, Paseo Marina, Ayala Center, Cebu City, Tel: (032) 232 4292
  • Nivel Hills Lahug, near SunFlower City
  • Moaboal in Marina Beach Resort


  1. I hate you, Fred, for posting this so early in the morning and making me hungry at work when lunch time is still 3 hrs away! I shouldn't have read this. lol kidding set aside, great post! :) Everything looks beautiful and delicious.I've also never been to Italy but the ambiance does make you feel like you are in a little piece of Italy in Cebu.

    1. Hahahaha you are so funny! Thanks for the comment, JoAnn!

  2. That parma ham and mango looks really good, Fred! Unfortunately, it's also uber pricey. Great post! :D

    1. It is really good and you are right, it's a bit pricey but it's worth it.

  3. OMG Fred that is deliziosa! Pasta party? lol

    1. Yeah that's what I noticed...we ate a lot of pasta! LoL!

  4. All so yummmmmmy Fred! The fact that it's free makes it even yummier, haha good for you! :)