Tuesday, July 16

All Spice Bistro, Cebu City

I was curious about the newly opened restaurant in Guadalupe because of its catchy name, All Spice Bistro. Aside from the resto's color combination of red and black, from the name itself, I was thinking that it's a fusion of Spanish, Italian and Tex-Mex (portmanteau of Texan and Mexican) cuisine.

I asked my friend, John Michael to try it out on a Sunday evening for dinner to satisfy our cravings.
All Spice Bistro is located in V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe. If you are from the downtown area, you can take the 06B PUJ or you can take a cab and just tell the driver to drop you off across CnT Lechon and that is where the place is. It is owned by two friends namely, Chef Ed Saberon and Chef Chad Mercado who both have international culinary backgrounds.

We arrived there past 6 in the evening already and I apologize about the quality of the photo because my camera ran out of batteries and I forgot to charge it...this is a lesson learned! When we were there, I was amazed because I was thinking that it's just like an ordinary restaurant that once you get inside, you can already see the dining area. It has an anteroom and a stair that will lead you upstairs to the real dining area.

They have two dining areas upstairs that you can choose where to eat. One is a non-aircondition space which I guess is for those who want to smoke or just have a good time with the zephyr outside. The other one is an aircondition room with a wine bar if you want to have a more intimate and relax dining experience.

 What I admire the most when we get inside was the attention that the waiter gave us. He greeted us with a smile and offered us a table right away and provided us their menu. He even introduced us to some of the specialty in the house like the crabs and its different sauces, if I can remember the things that he said but I already have something in mind to order because of the few blogs that I read online.

Another thing that amazed me was how quick the food was served. It took only 10 minutes for us to wait then the food is on its way to our table which I understand because the other customers on the other table are already eating and it's just us who haven't eaten yet. Talking about their food servings, I can say that it's perfectly huge that it's good for two Filipinos with normal appetites already. Take a look at what we ordered that evening:

The Seafood Chowder, it has fish, shrimp, clams, and mussels chowder in a crisp bread bowl. Personally, I like this because of the chowder itself and it has a lot of seafood meat on it. However, John Michael wasn't impressed about the soup because according to him, it's just like an ordinary chowder in a pack mixed with hot water that can be bought from the groceries. I did not appreciate the bread bowl either because I was expecting that it was really good but it doesn't have that slightly crisp feature anymore. I just focused on the soup and consumed it all.

Seafood Chowder - Php140.00

The Fish n Chips smells good and it's really tempting. It has a crispy, beer-battered fillets of white fish, a handful of fries and tartar sauce. Like any other fries, it was really good. For the fish, I liked it at first especially when dipped with the tartar sauce because it was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but I did not become a fan after a few taste of it because it has a bit of smell that I don't really appreciate.

Fish n Chips - Php140.00
The Grilled U.S. Angus Beef was a divine! I love the meat of the Angus Beef with Pesto Mashed Potatoes because it was so tender and juicy and so flavorful.The consistency of the mashed potatoes was excellent. It would have been better if customers can choose if they want their mashed potatoes to be just plain, herbed or just with gravy. I liked the pesto mashed potatoes but my friend, John Michael did not again finished his because according to him, the pesto was so strong and punchy that smacked his taste buds after eating how many tablespoons.

Grilled U.S. Angus Beef  - Php280.00
If you are craving for a Spanish, Italian, Texan and Mexican cuisine, this is the place to be. Visit them and try their dishes. Let me hear your thoughts too.

1311 V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe (across CnT Lechon)
Contact No. : 0917-7074-569
Operating Hours: 11:00am to 12:00am


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    1. mga Php600.00 tanan but dagku ila servings hehehehe

    2. Thank you for dining w us sir hope u cn visit again some other time & thank you so much for the blog so wonderful... God bless... 8s fred of Allspice Bistro

    3. You're very much welcome, Fred. I will visit your place again soon coz I want to try your other dishes...I hope there's a complimentary meal! hahahaha kiddin'...God bless you too!

  2. Nah, maybe IF I try it there, I'll try other dishes instead?

    1. Yeah, check out their other dishes coz they have a lot. :-)

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    1. thank you for reading, Phioxee! :-)


  4. How much was that Angus Beef with mashed potatoes? That sounds really good and I'm a big fan of herbs so I don't mind :D Wala na jud ning diet ani, Fred. hehe

    1. Wala nakoy paki anang diet Jo! Mas lami kung pirmi mokaon hahahaha