Monday, September 2

Café Isabelle, Dipolog City

Dipolog City is just a small, peaceful city ideal to settle down or just relax. If you are used to the traffic and the busy streets of the big cities in the country, the Orchid City is the opposite. This is one of the places in Mindanao that I would recommend if you want to take a breather and secure a sanctuary or simply unwind.

At night, if you just want to sit down, talk to your friends and simply kill the time, Café Isabelle is highly-recommended. This establishment is owned and managed by the Montaño family who is also famous in making the most popular delicacy, Montaño Spanish Sardines.

The store's atmosphere is friendly aside from being peaceful and relaxed. A lot of events can be celebrated here also - birthdays, reunions, and other social gatherings because they have a restaurant on the other side of the establishment that I'd be visiting for my next post.

the place at night
What I like about this coffee shop is that there service is fast and you get to know the value of your money. Their prices are reasonable and the food is great. Take a look at our orders.

Carbonara with Garlic Bread - Php110.00

Baked Lasagna with Garlic Bread - Php110.00
Both pasta menu are creamy, delicious and surely a hit.

Banana Cream Pie - P95.00
This cream pie is heaven-sent. This has become one of my favorites in the house. The bananas are generously distributed as well as the cream plus the texture is so consistent up to the last bite. It's not intimidating in the tongue.

Cappuccino - Php75.00
The coffee is just like any other cappuccino. It's not really a game changer.

If you are a true-blue Dipolognon, you are already familiar with the place and I bet you've been here several times already. If you are new to Dipolog City, make sure to visit this coffee shop and tell me your thoughts about it.

Here's what it looks like during the day...

(Credits to Google for this particular photo)

Café Isabelle
Santa Isabel, Dipolog City
(065) 212-7978


  1. I love this place, its so homey and cozy. Plus the lasagna is a real treat!

  2. That banana cream pie looks so goood!!! I want to try it - I'm sure I'd love it!

    1. You're right, Shee! It is incredibly good.