Wednesday, May 28

The McCormick Online Store Launching

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The best high quality ingredients for your food business are just a click away. McCormick, popularly known as the green bottles in our kitchen which is loved by millions of households, consumers and businesses, launches its new innovation in bringing flavor to the food industry and businesses through the McCormick Online Store.

I'm so honored to be invited and to take part of McCormick's special event held at Maya Mexican Restaurant in Crossroads, Banilad last May 17, 2014 and was hosted by the energetic and good-looking, Mark Suntay.

There were a lot of guests invited like hotel and restaurant owners, purchasers, F&B managers, press people and food bloggers to be one of the first to get a hands-on experience with the new and improved online store.

It was an afternoon of education, inspiration and action.

McCormick invited a food stylist and a chef with over 20 years of experience in culinary who talked about Spice 101. She is no other than Chef Gigi Angkaw.

She educated everyone about the difference between spices and herbs, seeds, seasonings and condiments. She also talked about the shelf life of the spices and herbs and most of all, she provided everyone tips on how to store spices.

McCormick also invited another chef who inspired everyone by sharing his secrets to making food business a success. He is a native of New Zealand but has a heart of a Filipino. He is the Executive Chef of Maya Restaurant, Chef Wade Watsons.

According to Chef Wade, if you want your food business to succeed, you must have a strong heart and a "thick face". In short, you must be willing to take risks and the passion should always be there. You must not stop yourself from learning new things and always make it a point to taste, taste and taste the food that you are going to serve to give the best quality to all your customers.

The highlight of the program was lead by McCormick's Product Manager for Food Services, Kim Deunice R. Gillesania. She walked everyone through the online store and talked about how to save time and money by using this convenient and most efficient innovation. She talked about the convenience of providing quality products with just a click of a button.

Through the online store, you don't have to go to the hassle of going to the grocery store standing in line or sometimes you can't even find the spices and herbs that you are looking for at the groceries. This will really save you more time and money since the prices online are more cheaper compared to the stores and groceries since these are based on factory prices. What is even better is that you will get a P100 off from your online orders upon successful registration and wait there's more...for every P5,000 worth of purchases, the delivery is totally free.

To get the freshest herbs, spices and most especially to save time and money on shipping orders, visit the Online Store and make your business click. Part of the online store is the Chef's Corner where you can find cooking tips and mouth-watering recipes and other related articles. If you have any queries regarding your orders, you can click on the FAQs tab to get the answers.

To know more about the products, you can also visit their website. For meal inspirations, you can follow them on Facebook and Pinterest or you can simply contact them at:

McCormick Phils. Inc.,
SYSU Center 145 Panay Ave.,
Quezon City


  1. Great, you went! I recommended you hehehe :D Anyway, was there a cooking demo and tasting? Hehehe

  2. Hmmm thanks for the recommendation. Yeah, there were a lot of food being served. I am still working on the post about it coz honestly I don't know the names of the food. There wasn't any menu or even a name tag. :-)

    1. Looking forward to your post about the food!

  3. Wow, it's absolutely amazing that they have an online store now. My husband is a fan! And so great that you were able to attend this kind of gathering Fred. Look what blogging can do. Keep it up! :) Miss you!!

  4. humaygad wala pako kapost. :(

    1. Just take your time, Zhequia!

    2. Wa nalang koy kwenta ani..hahaha Zhequia & Fred...LOL

    3. nakauna pamo. omg. nagkadaghan na akong backlogs.