Friday, May 16

Ulli's Streets of Asia, Ayala Roof Deck, Cebu City

It's been how many months that I haven't posted anything here due to a lot of things at work. However, as a promise to myself, I should learn how to balance everything. I mean with my work and personal life. I am also thankful that I have friends who are always there for me.

Just like one hot Saturday when some of my close friends called me to have lunch at Ayala Center-Cebu. I was so excited to see them more so with our lunch as to where are we going to eat.

As always, I am the one who suggests where to eat if I am with them. I told them to try this new restaurant at the roof deck of Ayala. Then we went to Ulli's Streets of Asia.

We were really curious about this attractive restaurant on what they can offer because in the first place, there were a lot of dining customers when we arrived there. Secondly, the name itself is inviting. Giving us the impression of the different cuisine in Asia.

Truly, they have a lot of customers and that made us more excited and curious.

We didn't waste any of our time anymore by the time we got our table. We ordered right away so that we still have time to talk about a lot of things. While waiting for the food, we were served a free bowl of peanuts as appetizer.

In fairness their service is fast and that really impressed all of us since we were so hungry already. One by one our orders came...

Tori-Tori Platter - Php375.00
This is a feast of different barbecues. It has pork belly, chicken skin, chicken gizzard and liver and shrimps. But seriously for this price?! Yakski's Barbecue or even the ones sold in Larsian I guess is better than this. It was definitely not worth it for us.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (for sharing) - Php140.00
The rice serving is generous. It has a lot of ingredients on it like eggs, meat and vegetables on it but it was too salty. If we were not hungry that time, we wouldn't consume it all.

Fish Ball Soup (I forgot the price)
I love this dish. The fish balls are so big and meaty plus the soup is delicious. It's a great combination if you are on a diet.

Signature House Blended Iced Tea - Php65.00

Our experience at Ulli's Streets of Asia was not that really impressive and memorable. I was a bit disappointed because the food did not somehow compliment with the place as well as the ambiance. However, it doesn't mean that we will not go back anymore, we will surely be back to try their other dishes but not too soon.

How about you? Have you tried it here? Let me hear your thoughts.

Ulli's Streets of Asia
Ayala Roof Deck
Ayala-Center, Cebu


  1. Same with you, I was disappointed. I expected a lot from Ulli's since it's the same owner as Cafe Laguna.

  2. Wow the bbqs are so expensive. I agree that probably Larsian is betterr, I mean minus the smoke.. Hehe :)

  3. I only tried here once with my friends. I love the place. The crews here are very accommodating.