Wednesday, June 4

Ribpublic Diner, Cebu City

I was so hungry after a day at work when a friend wanted to catch up with me and told me to try this new rib resto in town, Ribpublic Diner.

It is located at the back of Coco Mall right across Fuente Oro Business Suites. It is a 25-seater diner including the tables and chairs set-up on the sidewalk.

When we were already inside, I noticed that the place is not well-ventilated. It was really warm even if there are wall fans functioning to the highest level but it's alright because their mural and chalk art on the wall amazed me plus the staff and crew are very friendly, smiling and really gave us a great customer service.

Now, let's take a look at their menu...

credits to Ribpublic Diner's Facebook Account for this particular photo
We just ordered two of their dishes.

Wild West Wings (Buffalo or Garlic Parmesan) - Php158.00
This is a game changer. It's a serving of 6 pieces chicken wings with a combination of sweet and spicy sauce. At first it could be seriously spicy but it switches to being sweet afterwards which made it mouthwatering. I wonder how garlic parmesan would taste too. However, this is being served without any rice yet. You can have rice at Php18.00 per cup or fries at Php20.00 per serving.

The Ribpublic - Php188.00
This is their own version of the baby back ribs and the specialty of the house served with corn kernels and rice. However, this is not the kind of meat that falls off from the bone or rib. The sauce is good because of its smoky-flavor and the good thing was one of the waiters provided me extra sauce because the sauce on the meat itself is not enough. Their serving is really big that lets you "burp" after though it's not as impressive as Surfin' Ribs' or Casa Verde's baby back ribs for a starter.

Thirst Buster - Php98.00
It's a great combination of orange juice with real orange slices, calamansi fruit and watermelon. So refreshing.

I will be visiting this place again to try their other dishes like the Pop! Fish and Chips and the Space Shrimps. 

How about you? Have you been to this place? Let me hear your thoughts.

Ribpublic Diner
Gov. M. Roa St., (at the back of Coco Mall, across Fuente Oro Business Suites)
Capitol Site, Cebu City


  1. My friend just mentioned this minutes ago! Glad to find this post when I opened blogger. I want to try the shrimps and the wings. By the way, can I use the first photo for my business name series? :D

  2. We appreciate the feature in your blog. This will truly help us in improving our food quality and customer service. We hope to see you again soon :)

    1. Thank you too for reading my post and I appreciate your reaction about it. I will definitely visit the place again soon.

  3. You have an awesome blog! I've been browsing it for an hour and you have surprisingly reviewed most of the food establishment I wanna try when I visit next week.


    1. Hello Wander Shugah...thank you so much for the great feedback. It's my pleasure. However, the opinions that I have written are really just my own and it might be different when you get to try the food of the establishments that you will visit soon. I'd be glad to know your thoughts as well once you get to try the food. Enjoy your stay here in Cebu.

  4. You are mean, Fred. You're trying to distract me from my books by blogging about succulent ribs and sweet spicy chicken wings. (sshh I'd rather be eating them right now than studying hihi) but seriously, I miss our little food trips. Balik nako sa Netherlands ron, this time staying here for good . Keep blogging about new eats in Cebu, eh?

  5. Oh my...wala man lang gyud ta nagkita :-( I hope to see you soon, Jo.

  6. We had a grand time as well when we were there. The food is well worth the price. ;)