Monday, November 11

Serenitea, Calyx Center-Cebu I.T. Park, Cebu City

Milk tea shops are keeping up with the coffee shops here in the Queen City of the South. We have a lot on the list and I know I can't visit all of them but I'm trying to get at least a taste and a hint of what is really into these transparent, tall cups in different colors and mixtures.

One milk tea shop that is near the workplace is Serenitea. This is a combination of the word serenity which means the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled and the word tea. They've been in the Philippine market for so many years now and this is my first time to get to try their masterpiece. True to its definition, the ambiance of their branch in Calyx Center in Cebu I.T. Park is really relaxing, casual and calm paired with their signature drink that gives you the peace of mind and tranquility.

To really make their customers feel valued, they have this information board where customers can customize their teas. For those who are adventurous, you have a wide array of tea selection that you can try based on their recommendations. For those who are health conscious, you can always choose the sugar level for your drink and for the playful and for those who want to munch on something and add texture while sipping the tea, you can take a pick from the list of their flavorful sinkers.

Here's our groupie before we get to taste our individual drinks.

We also took a groupie of our milk teas before we consume them. LoL!

Let's go over what we ordered that evening...

Wintermelon Sweet - Php70.00 M / Php80.00 L
This is one of their bestsellers. It has a distinctive taste but it is so light and refreshing.

Milo Dino - Php100.00 M / Php110.00 L
This is for the kids and the young at heart. This is the iced Milo topped with Milo powder. I used to have this always when I was a kid. I did not even imagine that it will become a hit at Serenitea.

Minty Choco - Php95.00 S / Php105.00 M / Php110.00 L
This is one of my favorites. If I want something chocolatey with a kick of mint, this is the right answer. It is cool in the mouth and throat. So refreshing and extraordinary.

Cookies & Cream - Php115.00 L
Something that deserves a round of applause is this variety. It is sinfully delicious because of the tea with vanilla ice cream at the bottom. Ohh so delicious!

I can't agree more with their direction...there's no other milk tea shop that can give us the best cup of tea. Truly, it's Serenitea.

Have you tried their milk teas already? How did you find it? Let me hear your thoughts.

Ground Floor, Calyx Center
Cebu I.T. Park
Apas, Cebu City
(032) 236-3228
Opens Daily from 11:00am to 11:00pm


  1. Wala pa ko ka try sa Serenitea. I've only tried Chatime, Cobo, Tea & Symphony, and Bubble Tea Station. Of the four, I like Chatime.

    1. Try Serenitea and tell me what you think about it. =)

    2. Di ko, basin ma addik ko hehehe :D Ingon bitaw si Babe for Food lami daw Serenitea. Lisod na ma addik ug milktea. Mahal kaayo na addiction.

  2. is this new fred? i like the co0kies and cream, adto ta!

    1. Taod-taod naman sila Rai. Manglibre ka? hehehe