Friday, November 22

Dipolog Cupcakery, Tonino's Kusina, Dipolog City

I was invited to a newly-opened cupcake shop in Tonino's Kusina to check out their gourmet cupcakes. I was able to meet the owner and hands-on pastry maker named Ruth who is really charming, nice, humble and most of all, accommodating.

According to Ruth, it was difficult for her to set the ball rolling since it is a risky business but what she did initially was to pair up with a milk tea shop in the city just to introduce her cupcakes and surprisingly, the earnings soared high on its first day. That means to say, the cupcakes were such a hit and there couldn't be a better way to share her passion and celebrate love and happiness through her cupcakes than by opening a shop to serve the entire city. She started selling her baked creations online and soon after, Dipolog Cupcakery was born in Tonino's Kusina on November 15, 2013.

Thanks to Dipolog Cupcakery's FB page for this particular photo

According to her, it's really her passion to cook and bake and this is something that she'd like to establish in the Orchid City of Dipolog since we don't have a dedicated or a stand-alone shop that offers cupcakes only. She practiced a lot on how to bake cupcakes perfectly before she decided to introduce it to the market just to make sure that it has its own trademark. These are not just ordinary masterpieces but creations from the heart. To date, she already introduced 8 exciting specialty flavors to the public that rotate everyday. They have the famous Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip, the flavorful Cappuccino, the smooth Chocolate, Peanut Butter, the healthy Carrot Pineapple, Chocomallows, and the colorful Rainbow cupcakes.

Ruth shared that her cupcakes are handcrafted and made from scratch throughout the day from the finest and high-quality ingredients including the flour, sweet cream butter, chocolates and fresh fruits. In other words, you'll never have a day-old cupcake at this shop. It's guaranteed fresh from the oven everyday.

Let's talk about the cupcakes that I've tasted...

Cappuccino Cupcake with Choco Ganache
This is a personal favorite. I consumed this in less than 3 minutes...seriously. I can say it's definitely a game changer. The cake itself has a base of fragrant espresso and milk that makes it so soft. Topped with ganache as the glaze or icing makes this piece of pastry so delicious. This is so perfect with a cup of coffee. Simply the best!

Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting
This is their bestseller. This is different from any other red velvet cupcakes because she doesn't use food coloring for the entire cupcake. She mixes a portion of dark chocolate in it to make it unique and flavorful plus the cream cheese frosting is really creamy and flavorful. It definitely melts in your mouth. So sexy!

Chocolate Cupcake with Butter Frosting and Sprinkles
This is an ultimate cupcake that is moist and dreamy. It is made from carefully-chosen ingredients most especially the chocolate which is not common to the consumer's palate. So smooth!

Chocolate Chip Cupcake with Butter Frosting
This pastry is made of vanilla with fresh and full flavor. It is simple yet so delicious. I should say that this is one kind of a cupcake that is so light and can be versatile. Heaven, it is.

Rainbow Cupcake with Choco Frosting
This is definitely for the kids and young at heart. I wasn't really sold by the cupcake itself maybe because of the different colors that made me think that I'm eating my crayons or my molding clays. It is intricately made because of the different layer colors without sacrificing the quality. It's fluffy and flavorful but it would have been so attractive too if she uses colored sprinkles instead of the candy coated chocolates. Playful, indeed!

So far these are the flavors that I've tasted. She wasn't able to make the peanut butter, carrot pineapple and chocomallow because she'd like to rotate it by schedule to vary the flavors everyday. Makes sense. Aside from these cupcakes, she also mentioned that she has a special pastry called Mud Pool which is made of rich and moist chocolate cupcake surrounded by kitkat wafers and topped with a pool of semi-sweet chocolate ganache and it's for order basis only. I hope I would be able to try this one out soon.

Dipolog Cupcakery's cupcakes are all Php25.00 each regardless of the flavor. Affordable, right? They also accommodate bulk orders and they can even give you a better price per box and that's Php270.00 per dozen (flavor of your choice). Aside from that, if you want to impress someone or even your families and friends, you can have it in a gift package for Php50.00 for one piece and Php120.00 for three pieces and that's already in a gift box with a greeting card.

Check out their place at Tonino's Kusina and try their mouth-watering cupcakes.

Before I left the shop, I had a photo with the owner, Ruth. Thanks a bunch and congratulations!

What are you waiting for? Come and visit the place and try their cupcakes and let me hear your thoughts.

Dipolog Cupcakery
Tonino's Kusina
OsmeƱa St., Dipolog City
for orders and inquiries, contact:
Kathleen Ruth Dumajel


  1. 25 pesos only! Pero layoa sa Dipolog uy....! Pagdala next time hahah just kidding

    1. Yes, it's Php25.00 only. Someday soon, you don't know maabot ra ka sa Dipolog City. If magdala ko, dili man sad ka magpakita. =(

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    3. Ambot nimu, Mustachio. I wonder why you don't want to introduce yourself formally. :-(

  2. thanks for writing an awesome blog about my sister's business.. god bless.. :)

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for dropping by. God bless you too. :-)