Friday, August 9

Alberto's Aloha Pizza Party!

"First we eat then we do everything else."

I think this is our team's motto before we do each of our assigned tasks and it happened last night during our shift. I guess all of us were still hungry after we ate our dinner in our pantry. One of my colleagues told the team that Alberto's Pizza has a new flavor which is really good and worth it. We asked the rest of the team and they agreed to give it a try. We checked Albertos' Pizza online and we were glad to know that for a 9-inches Aloha Quickmelt cheese pizza, it's only Php90.00 and Php130.00 for 11-inches.

Aloha Pizza - lots of pineapple, ham sausage, mushroom and green bellpeppers

Take a look at my food buddies at work:

(L-R, 1st photo) Shee of My Dolce Vita, Rea of REAlity Bites, Alic, and Ivan of TheAllenZan. (L-R, 2nd photo) yours truly, The Exaggerated Zeal, Shee, Rea and Alic. OMG! One layer each?! Well, nothing's new. LoL!

Overall, we love the new Aloha pizza from Alberto's. We want to try the other new flavors that they have and hopefully next time we will order different flavors. Thanks and have a long weekend!

For your orders, call them at (032)512-5998. No minimum order required!

Alberto's Pizza
Main Branch:
B. Rodriguez Street
Cebu City, Philippines


  1. That's the only thing I ate so faaarrr! Haha yum yum Aloha! :)

    REAlity Bites

  2. So, to sum up my night: i had a brownie, a bag of chips, dinner at the pantry, pizza (half a layer), extra big pancit canton, half of your banana cake, half a glass of calamansi juice, and iced latte --- amd I'm still not full! Grrrrr.

    1. Wow, shee, where did all that food good go? :D haha and yet you manage to stay so thin! The pizza looks yum.

    2. hahahahah Shee, you forgot the tempura! hahahahah

      JoAnn, you must try it. It is yummy!

  3. Ako motto nmin first take a picture efore we eat lols