Thursday, June 27

Best Blog Awards 2013

I just started blogging but I am going to nominate a few blogs that I find so interesting. I always love reading different posts or blogs and this is to answer Sheryl of My Dolce Vita.she is one of my favorite bloggers because she influenced me why I am doing it too. Also, she is an inspiration because she is a wonder mom and a loving housewife. She knows how to balance her life and work. Her blog doesn't only talk about a specific topic. She loves to explore a lot of dining places in Cebu City, share her recipes and discoveries and would even post something about her family. Thank you for nominating me, Sheryl. All the best!

Sheryl nominated me along with other bloggers,  (check her post HERE) to make other blogs known to others and in the entire blogosphere and maybe introduce new bloggers through this initiative.

Below are my favorite blogs that I don't fail to read. These bloggers inspire and motivate me to post more and share everything about food, lifestyle, travel and simply being a human.

The Londoner - Rosie's posts never fail to let me imagine how beautiful London is. I also love her sense of fashion. She is simple yet elegant and that makes her very pretty. Also, everytime she posts recipes or D-I-Y food discoveries, it makes me drool and wanted me to give it a try as well. No wonder she is one of the most popular bloggers in the whole world. She deserves a two-thumbs up!

ILuvCebu - Doyle is one of the popular bloggers in Cebu City and his posts are simply amazing. He talks about where to stay, what to do and where to dine if you are in the Queen City of the South. His blog also features activities and other engagements happening in the city. Check it out if you are planning to discover Cebu City.

The Petticoat - Etienne or Chen is known to be a fashion blogger. Aside from being so cute, I love her posts because it is so candid, like she is being real and I also love how she dresses up. Her fashion statement is so simple but it looks good. I know that I can't dress up like her but I always recommend her blogs to all of my girl friends as an inspiration on how to carry one's clothing.

LamiKaayo! - This means delicious in English and masarap in Tagalog. This blog is managed by Marco who is from Pampanga and is currently based in Cebu City. Because we have a common denominator which is eating, that is one of the reasons why I love to read his posts. He always updates us with what is the latest food craze in town. Definitely a food blogger!

So these are my most favorite blogs of all time and they all deserve the "Best Blog and Versatile Blogger" award. If you have your own favorite blogs, share them with a post like this.

Once again, I was nominated by Sheryl of My Dolce Vita. She was nominated by Noelfy of Noelimits.


  1. Perfection, Fred! Your blog is lovely. xx

  2. Thanks, Sheryl! Keep on blogging...