Sunday, November 3

Hukad sa Golden Cowrie, The Terraces-Ayala Center, Cebu City

One of my closest friends, Debbie, came to Cebu City all the way from SG to have her short vacation. She wanted to have a date with all of her close ex-housemates plus she was extremely craving for home-cooked dishes that she missed so bad while she was away.

We decided to meet and have our lunch at Hukad sa Golden Cowrie at The Terraces in Ayala. This is absolutely one of the finest Filipino restaurants that we can find at the heart of the city. This establishment is already known for its delicious Filipino dishes and its homey and classy ambiance.

Because we were thinking that all of us are celebrities in our own rights, instead of meeting up at 12 noon for lunch, we were able to see each other at around 3pm. Lunch date huh? LoL! Anyway, we can't help but order right away...

Shrimps In Garlic - Php89.00
This is one of the best appetizers for me because of the garlic chips. It's healthy. Just be careful when eating the shrimps eventhough these are small because it might hurt your mouth or worst, gums.

Tinunuang Nangka - Php79.00
One dish that I missed at home is the nangka or langka. Hukad is generous enough to give us a plenty of serving and it is deliciously good. Swear!

Cowrie's Kinilaw na Isda (Tangigue) - Php179.00
This is one of the best kinilaws or same like ceviche in town. The fish is so fresh and it is dipped in an authentic vinegar plus the spices compliment the dish itself. Mouth-watering indeed!

Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew) - Php89.00
What I love about this dish is the meat itself. They don't use the pork fat but they are using pork meat instead. Seasoned with spices makes this dish savory and tempting.

Baked Scallops - Php135.00
Ohhh I'm drooling again as I am writing this comment about the baked scallops. The meat is fresh and once it touches your taste buds, it is a divine. The butter plus the melted cheese is so yummy that will let you scream for more.

Crispy Pata  - Php389.00 XL / Php349.00 L / Php295.00 S
This is really sinful. It is fried to perfection and the taste is just so exemplary. One of the bestsellers.

Of course, our lunch is not complete without desserts. We ordered...

Banana Turon - Php45.00
We were not impressed with this dessert because of its size and it is so ordinary. We can even buy something like this that has a better taste with jackfruit inside at a cheaper price. This is not a game changer.

Budbod with Tsokolate Syrup - Php59.00 ; Tsokolate - Php35.00
The budbod was so delicious especially with the chocolate syrup in it. It is really the typical Filipino food best served especially during cold season. The same with the chocolate drink, it's not really the best but it's good enough.

Of course, before we leave the venue and went to our next stop, we took a groupie as a remembrance. Thanks again, Debbie!

How about you? What have you tried in Hukad sa Golden Cowrie? Care to share?

Level 2, The Terraces, Ayala Center,
Cebu City
(032) 417-1301


  1. Lami gyud ang Golden Cowrie! Baked scallops... :-P~~~~

    1. I can't agree more...simply the best! Thanks for your comment.

  2. as usual, my comment would be the tinolang manok na ang manok kay malnourished. haha that was my first and last time so far though and that was like 3 years ago so maybe they've improved na. :)

    1. I'm so sorry about your experience with their tinolang manok. Try to visit them again and I hope it will be a great experience this time. Thanks for dropping by, as always. ;-)